Dems and Media Are ‘Unpatriotic’ in Their Hope for ‘America’s Failure on the World Stage’

Liberals pounce on Trump whether he's dealing or not dealing with North Korea, 'The Ingraham Angle' noted

Image Credit: Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images & Screenshot, Youtube

It is “unpatriotic” for mainstream media members and liberals to root for “America’s failure on the world stage” because of their loathing for President Donald Trump, Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Thursday night on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam, this week for a high-stakes second summit. Trump tried to reach a deal for the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

But the president left the summit early without such a deal because Kim wanted the U.S. to lift its sanctions on North Korea in exchange for only partial denuclearization.

Trump wasn’t having it.

“The president walked away from the deal with Kim because he was unwilling to back off sanctions in exchange for only … partial denuclearization,” Ingraham said. “In other words, it would have been a bad deal for you and me — for the whole region.”

But many Democrats and people in the media “refuse to acknowledge” that Trump made the correct decision with Kim “because acknowledging Trump’s successes would mean acknowledging their own failures,” Ingraham said.

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“And rooting against America is always the wrong strategy,” she added. “You would think folks would be happy in this case because they were predicting doom and gloom, nuclear war. Trump says, ‘No, this deal’s not good,’ and walks away. But he’s blamed for that, too.”

House Democrats also chose the exact day that Trump’s summit with Kim began to hold a public hearing on Capitol Hill with the president’s disgraced former lawyer, Michael Cohen. He dominated mainstream media coverage on Wednesday when he testified publicly before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Cohen found himself in special counsel Robert Mueller’s crosshairs. He claimed Trump directed him to violate federal campaign finance laws to influence the 2016 presidential election by making hush-money payments to two women who claimed they had affairs with Trump — something the president denies.

Trump’s former lawyer had already pleaded guilty to charges of lying to Congress about his business dealings with Russia and the Trump Organization during the 2016 campaign. His prison sentence of three years will begin in May.

But even when Trump and Kim spoke late on Wednesday evening from Vietnam, MSNBC and CNN continued with their breathless analysis of the long-concluded Cohen hearing, Ingraham noted.

“So the president is damned … if he does make a deal because ‘it would involve just a distraction from Cohen,’ right? And he’s damned if he doesn’t because, well, ‘He claims to [be] a dealmaker but didn’t bring home a deal,'” Ingraham said. “These critiques are unserious, unsurprising, and in a really sad way unpatriotic. These people are actually hoping for America’s failure on the world stage because then they could say, ‘See? We told you so.'”

Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) communications director Luis Miranda disagreed with Ingraham. He insisted “Democrats have been rooting for [Trump] to succeed, as every American should … we all want a denuclearized Korean peninsula.”

But conservative commentator Michelle Malkin and East Asia expert Gordan Chang agreed with Ingraham’s characterization.

“Trump is damned if he deals and he’s damned if he doesn’t,” Malkin said. “And I think it says a lot about, in particular, the Beltway press. Because 24 hours ago when he was boarding the plane, they thought he was going give away the store. And when he walks away, ‘Why didn’t you give away the store?!’ Right?”

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“You cannot understand and appreciate the Beltway press unless you understand first that these people do not perceive themselves as American citizens first, right? They’re citizens of the world,” Malkin argued. “So any deal that actually benefits America is something that they’re going to be against.”

Chang said that “it’s worse than inappropriate” that some mainstream media outlets weren’t covering live the Trump-Kim remarks on Wednesday evening.

“Politics should stop at the water’s edge. And clearly when you have the president there on a really critical mission for all Americans, you know — [Democrats] should have held that hearing next week because they could have delayed it a couple days,” Chang said of the Cohen hearing.

“Instead, what they did was, I think that they undercut President Trump’s bargaining position with Kim Jong-un cause Kim is looking at that and saying, ‘Oh, look — this president is wounded,'” Chang suggested.

Making progress with a “brutal” dictator and his regime “isn’t going to happen overnight.”

But Ingraham argued Kim “thought wrong” in thinking that Trump “was weakened because the Cohen” hearing. “Who knows? But the president was not weakened. The president said, ‘We’re not doing this deal,'” she said.

Chang said Trump’s decision to walk away without a deal is important because it told the North Koreans “that their narrative about Trump is wrong.” “Now I’m sure they’re rethinking the way they look at the president of the United States.”

Ingraham noted. “It’s extremely difficult. But it really is good news that America is talking to Kim and the North Koreans. And it’s certainly better than being on the brink of war.”

Check out more in the video below:

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