‘Democrat Impeachment Squad’ Is Running at ‘Full Tilt’ Ahead of 2020

'The Ingraham Angle' took on Nadler's and other liberals' efforts to create a 'political spectacle' for the next year-and-a-half

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and other House Democrats are going to “almost entirely re-till the ground” that special counsel Robert Mueller “has already passed over” to lay the groundwork for impeaching President Donald Trump, Fox News host Laura Ingraham warned Tuesday night on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Mueller’s probe into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is expected to end soon. But now that it seems increasingly likely the report will find no evidence of collusion, House Democrats are pursuing other options.

Democrats in the House are opening investigations into Trump, his family business and other matters. Nadler (pictured above left) and the House Intelligence chair, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), are leading the charge.

The House committees demanded documents and information from more than 80 individuals, businesses and institutions on Monday in their desperate quest for impeachable offenses. Democrats are also planning to request the president’s tax returns formally in two weeks, Politico reported.

Should Trump face impeachment in the House, Nadler would oversee those proceedings.

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Nadler said Sunday on ABC News’ “The Week” that House Democrats “have to lay” impeachment information “out for the American people and we can’t depend on the Mueller investigation for this.” He insisted Democrats “have to focus much more broadly on abuses of power.”

“We do not now have the evidence all sorted out and everything to do — to do an impeachment. Before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the American public that it ought to happen,” Nadler argued. “You have to persuade enough of the opposition party voters, [the] Trump voters, that you’re not just trying … to reverse the results of the last election.”

Ingraham blasted the “Democratic impeachment squad” and the “resistance” for “running at full-tilt” and “making threats and launching investigations.”

“Contrary to what Nadler and company claim, none of this is about exercising their constitutional right to oversight of the executive branch,” Ingraham said. “The way I see it, Nadler’s going to almost entirely re-till the ground that Mueller has already passed over.”

Nadler is doing so “for the sole purpose of creating a political spectacle and to continue it right up until the last vote is counted in 2020,” Ingraham warned.

He isn’t moving forward immediately with impeachment proceedings in the House because he is “trying to convince the public that there are 1,000 reasons to impeach the president — even if he cannot prove a single one.”

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“At least they admit that this is an entirely politically motivated attack meant to soften up the president for 2020 and dangle some red meat on a hook for their base,” Ingraham said. “This is a political war — all of this that you’re seeing around you. And it’s meant to undo the president’s successes and block his agenda for the next two years.”

Trump called the onslaught of wide-ranging House investigations, in all caps, “presidential harassment” on Twitter on Tuesday.

“This isn’t just harassment of President Trump … It’s harassment of the millions of Americans who voted for his agenda, and it’s an abuse of the entire democratic process that the Democrats claimed to care so much about,” Ingraham said.

When asked what advice he had for Trump amid the “rampant impeachment talk,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Ingraham that the president should “just keep doing his job.”

“[Democrats] started their impeachment effort last Wednesday. They started their impeachment [effort] last Wednesday with Michael Cohen — Michael Cohen, their first announced witness of the 116th Congress,” Jordan said.

Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, found himself caught in Mueller’s crosshairs. He pleaded guilty to charges of lying to Congress about his business dealings with Russia and the Trump Organization during the 2016 campaign. His three-year prison sentence will begin in May.

The former lawyer testified publicly before the House Oversight Committee last week. Jordan is the ranking Republican on that committee.

“The day that Donald Trump was elected the Democrats went into overdrive trying to delegitimize him. And they’ve never stopped.”

Cohen is “a guy who is going to prison in two months for lying to Congress,” Jordan said. He also accused Cohen of lying six more times under oath last week.

But former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told Ingraham that Democrats are simply trying to “delegitimize” Trump.

“The day that Donald Trump was elected the Democrats went into overdrive trying to delegitimize him. And they’ve never stopped,” Fleischer said. “They’ve never stopped the delegitimization campaign and that’s what the last two years of collusion have been about and that’s what the next two years will be about as the Democrats pursue impeachment.”

“If you don’t have thefts and you don’t have the events, you just have a PR campaign. And that’s basically what the Democrats are launching — all of them,” Fleischer said.

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