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Chelsea Handler Says Trump Supporters Don’t Care That He Is a ‘Criminal’

Chelsea Handler and Donald Trump

Chelsea Handler, the stridently anti-Trump former talk show host, believes supporters of the president know he’s a criminal and just don’t care.

“It’s not whether or not Trump is criminal. He cheats, lies, steals, any time he talks. His supporters know he’s a criminal,” the comedian tweeted on Monday.

She continued, “They just don’t care. But what about the Republicans in government who know and do nothing at the expense of everyone in our country? That is criminal, too.”

This is far from the first time Handler has made blanket statements about those who disagree with her politically.

She claimed last year that the GOP “can’t stand democracy.” [2]

She also tried to shame white women for not supporting Beto O’Rourke enough [3] in his failed bid to win a Texas Senate seat.

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Take everything this individual says with a grain of salt, of course.

After all, this is also the same person who said she would not interview first lady Melania Trump on her show because she could “barely speak English.” [5]

Melania Trump speaks multiple languages — and Handler’s show is a distant memory.

For more on Chelsea Handler, check out this video: