Next to the game itself, one of the biggest attractions of the Super Bowl is the ads.

It definitely sounds strange, considering how eye-rolling we consider the interruption of ads the rest of the year — but Super Bowl commercials are different.

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Companies spend millions of dollars on these big game-day ads and sometimes even enlist top list celebrity talent to be in front of the camera.

The Super Bowl marks the one time of year people actually enjoy sitting in front of a television and watching product-pushing advertisements.

This year was no different.

Here’s  look at three of the best Super Bowl LIII ads.

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1.) Walmart Pickup. Walmart showed how to put its money where its mouth is with a new Super Bowl ad for its pickup service.

The service allows customers to order their products online — then pull up to the store and have their items brought straight to the car.

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The Walmart ad stood out because famous cinematic cars showed up to retrieve the orders. The commercial was slick — and there was a little something for everybody. Cinematic cars featured were from “Dumb and Dumber,” “Knight Rider,” “Transformers,” “Jurassic Park,” and more. Check it out here.

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2.) Alex Fails. Amazon found a clever way to advertise its Alexa product, a voice-activated machine that can do just about everything — from order a pizza to schedule an event all at a person’s request.

The ad featured two people talking; one revealed the embarrassing “fails” Alexa has had, including an Alexa dog collar. “Stars Wars” and “Indiana Jones” star Harrison Ford (pictured above left) showed up to try to stop his dog from ordering endless amounts of dog food.

Another fail was an Alexa toothbrush. The audience saw “Black Panther” and “Battlefield Earth” star Forrest Whitaker brushing his teeth and asking Alexa to play his favorite podcast — but all he heard was muffled sounds.

It was an ad that didn’t push too much — even as it sold a product people have mixed feelings about. Check it out here.

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3.) The Dude Abides. While many people were likely disappointed that Jeff Bridges (above right) returned to his famous slacker role as The Dude for a beer commercial rather than a proper film sequel, this one had all the qualities of a great Super Bowl ad.

The particular ad was for Stella Artois beer; not only did Jeff Bridges revisit a famous role, actress Sarah Jessica Parker did, too. She was shown walking into a restaurant as her famous Carrie Bradshaw character — from “Sex and the City” — and asking for a Stella Artois instead of her famous Cosmo from the television show and two movies.

Bridges then walked into the restaurant donning his famous Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski attire and he, too, ordered a Stella Artois — instead of the White Russian drink order he almost exclusively drank in the beloved 1998 film, “The Big Lebowski.”

Check out the ad below: