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Pundits with Dire Predictions About Trump Got It Completely Wrong, Declares Laura Ingraham

Fox News host, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, pointed to the president's successes for America — 'we are the envy of the world'

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Fox News host and longtime conservative populist Laura Ingraham argued on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that the country has improved greatly under the administration of President Donald Trump — despite the doomsday predictions from many so-called experts.

Trump was elected because he promised to fix the American economy and strengthen the country.

But even from the moment he moved into the White House, the “experts” warned his presidency could spell disaster.

Ingraham said the president has been successful on many fronts despite the words of naysayers.

“I want to talk about where we are in America now, because when you look at some of the old predictions, the things that were written and said about what would happen when Donald Trump became president, on issue after issue after issue the so-called experts have either underestimated President Trump or gotten it completely wrong,” the host of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News told the crowd gathered in National Harbor, Maryland, at the annual conference.

Ingraham pointed to Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, a columnist for The New York Times, who said the country would enter a period of global recession.

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She also noted that anti-Trump conservative political analyst Bill Kristol said that NAFTA renegotiations wouldn’t go very well, either.

Others made unfounded predictions that if the president moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, there would be unending chaos and bloodshed.

“So my question today is, is there any point in time when these pundits get their pundit cards taken away from them?” Ingraham declared. “And, of course, that’s not the case at all. They will continue to underestimate [Trump] and they will continue to forecast the most dire consequences of Donald Trump’s economic and foreign policy.”

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Ingraham also alerted conference attendees to the troubling direction the Democratic Party has taken recently.

She noted that she has been taking many new lawmakers seriously for that reason — as people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) are “the thought leaders of the party” now.

Most of the Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 and even party leaders have been forced to respond to Ocasio-Cortez’s proposals, Ingraham also noted.

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“The Democratic Party of today has moved very leftward,” Ingraham also said. “The Democratic Party of today doesn’t respond to peace and prosperity, three percent in GDP, the lowest African-American unemployment in the United States, Latino unemployment at an all-time low, business confidence and optimism — they respond to all of that with socialism. They put their hopes in larger government. They put their hopes in dangling freebies to a new generation.”

They also put their hopes in the ongoing special counsel investigation, she added, and the hope that something illegal connected to Trump will be found.

She pointed to the hypocrisy of Democrats calling themselves the peace party for years— yet opposing a president who has sought diplomatic solutions globally, such as in negotiations with North Korea.

“We are the party of optimism and happiness,” said Ingraham. “We’re a movement of free people and free enterprise. We are the envy, not of the press corps perhaps, but the envy of the world because of this president’s economic policies and his pragmatic and realistic approach to foreign policy.”

“Donald Trump’s policies actually work.”

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