New Jersey Officials Want to Remove Trump from 2020 Ballot

Democratic-controlled state Senate passed a bill to keep all presidential candidates off if they do not release their tax returns

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Don’t look now, but it would appear the Democratic Party of New Jersey is actively trying to prevent their registered voters from voting for president.

I believe the technical term for that is “disenfranchisement.”

This truly sounds like something out of the old Stalinist Soviet Union.

Whenever someone fell out of favor with Joe Stalin he would order their names, photos, etc., struck from the public register in an attempt to vanish their memory or presence from Soviet discourse.

To lay it out clearly:

  • New Jersey officials passed a bill to keep all presidential candidates off the 2020 ballot if they do not release their tax returns.
  • The Democratic-controlled state Senate passed the measure along party lines in a 23-11 vote last Thursday.
  • Others have argued the bill is unconstitutional and opens the door for more demands for candidates in the future.

Democrats they do not care if this move might be considered unconstitutional; they do not believe in the Constitution, apparently.

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They want to destroy it and replace it with their own ideas.

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Besides, President Donald Trump would not win in that state — so imagine this to be a test for other states if this works.

According to the Courier Post, the Democratic-controlled state Senate passed the measure along party lines in a 23-11 vote on Thursday, sending the bill to the Assembly committee and full legislature for a vote before it heads to the desk of Gov. Phil Murphy (D) for consideration.

The controversial measure would deny candidates for president and vice president a spot on the state ballot if they do not publicly release five of their most recent tax returns at least 50 days before the general election in 2020.

The bill, if passed, would also bar the state’s electors from voting for candidates for president and vice president as part of the Electoral College system if they choose not to comply with the legislation.

President Trump has drawn ongoing criticism over his refusal to publicly release his tax returns, the first major-party White House candidate in decades not to do so.

The New Jersey legislature passed the same bill in 2017, but the measure was blocked by a veto from then-Gov. Chris Christie (R), who called it a “transparent political stunt” at the time. (source: The Hill)

The federal courts, and the Supreme Court most certainly if it gets there, will invalidate this law.

The Constitution of the United States establishes the qualifications to serve as president.

The states cannot create their own version of those qualifications. Chris Christie was right — this is nothing but a political stunt.

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Three points:

1.) This would quickly be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The Constitution sets the qualifications to be elected POTUS — a natural-born citizen who is at least 35 years of age. States aren’t free to add additional qualifiers.

2.) Trump has had his tax returns audited by the IRS for decades. If there were corrections that needed to be made, his accountants would have made those corrections.

3.) This is purely a case in which liberals want to use class warfare to show that Trump is wealthy and it isn’t fair that he makes tons of money.

Seems like this might run up against a 14th Amendment challenge.

Just because someone is running for, or is, president does not mean he or she gives up constitutional rights to privacy, due process, or self-incrimination.

While the states are allowed to determine their own processes and instructions for their electors on the college, they still cannot violate the rights of the candidate even if it is for high office.

My prediction? A state court will uphold the law; what the appeals court says won’t matter because it will immediately get appealed to SCOTUS.

There, we will get a majority — more than on ideological lines — putting President Trump on the ballot.

After Trump is reelected there will be another mass hue and cry from the Left to abolish the Electoral College as an obsolete institution, in spite of the fact that it is doing what it is intended to do.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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