Image Credit: Screenshot, Youtube


Jeep Has One of the Most Patriotic Ads You’ll Ever Watch

The car company has a game-day spot titled 'More Than Words' — and for all those who love this country, it's worth every second of viewing time

Jeep has released one of the most patriotic ads you’re likely to see.

The “Big Game Blitz” ad is titled “More Than Words” — and it features very few words.

It’s mostly a collection of images that make you think of the very best this country has to offer.

While the band OneRepublic plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” viewers are treated to scenes of kids playing baseball, men and women training to serve this great country, farmers waking up early, astronauts hurtling into space to discover the next frontier — and more.

The images correspond to most of the words in the song in the most clever way possible.

And there are cool culture images and moments thrown in, too (watch for Marilyn Monroe, for example) — including images of Jeep brand vehicles roughing it on American terrain.

The ad ends by showing the text, “More Than Words.”

America truly is a country that requires more than words to describe it. And while Jeep may have captured just a fraction of what’s special about this amazing country of personalities, possibilities, ambition and dedication — it’s a step in the right direction.

God bless America.

Check out the ad below: