President Donald Trump’s frequent Hollywood critics were predictably not a fan of his Tuesday night State of the Union address from Capitol Hill.

Some celebrities were even judging the address hours before Trump delivered it.

“The SOTU [State of the Union] can never be strong if it is headed by a pathological liar. It can never be strong if it is headed by a misogynist. It can never be strong if it is headed by a racist. And it can never be strong if it is headed by a self serving criminal. The SOTU is rancid,” tweeted filmmaker Rob Reiner (“Misery,” “Stand by Me”) on Tuesday morning.

So he made his feelings on the State of the Union clear well before Trump uttered a single word.

He later criticized the president for criticizing socialism in his address.

Actor John Cusack (“Hot Tub Time Machine,” “2012”) was calling for a boycott of the State of the Union.

“Boycott the State of the Union,” he tweeted on Monday night.

“Don’t watch.”

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Though Cusack did not want people listening to Trump’s words, he did encourage folks to tune into responses to the State of the Union by outspoken Democrat Stacey Abrams and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Cusack later called Trump a “gangster child abducting murderer” while he spoke during his address.

In another tweet, he called the president a “murdering clown buffoon.” Lovely.

Actress and Democrat activist Alyssa Milano used the hashtags “#StateoftheWoman” and “#StateoftheHuman” to reply to points made by the president.

She, among others, responded with links to graphics that argued against the president’s points.

In case anyone was wondering, Milano was also criticizing the State of the Union hours before it occurred.

Long before it aired, Milano said the president was using the State of the Union “as a bully pulpit for his dangerous policies.”

She also suggested that Republicans only pretend to be “small government” — but they really use government powers to strip away rights.

“Small government politicians using the government to erase fundamental rights to identity, autonomy, and privacy is the pinnacle of hypocrisy,” she tweeted.

Actor and comedian John Fugelsang gave a rude commentary on the address, even at one point insulting first lady Melania Trump’s relationship to the president.

“I don’t wish any physical harm to ever — ever — come to Donald Trump. I wish him good health & a long life. Having said that, when his funeral finally happens I got $50 says Melania brings a date,” he tweeted at one point.

“Star Trek” actor George Takei called female politicians dressing in white in protest a “powerful show of force.”

Despite Trump’s talk about ending the wars in the Middle East and the progress made on serious criminal justice reform, liberal screenwriter Brian Koppelman (“Rounders,” “Billions”) assured everyone he would be clapping at nothing the president said if he were present on Capitol Hill.

“Myserty Science 3000” write Matt Oswalt criticized the president for going after late-term abortions.

He did so by claiming, without evidence, that Trump would have over a dozen more children if not for abortion.

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