President Donald Trump has his share of liberal critics in Hollywood — but he also has plenty of independent voices within the entertainment industry who refuse to be bullied into silence.

Some of those right-leaning artistic voices took to social media on Tuesday night to defend the president’s State of the Union address from Capitol Hill.

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“Let There Be Light” actress and radio host Sam Sorbo tweeted about the behavior of Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who repeatedly seemed to be checking notes or looking at other people while the president spoke.

She also made sure to poke fun at how distracted and bored Pelosi looked while Trump spoke.

Sorbo later concluded that Trump’s State of the Union was “awesome.”

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“Hercules” and “Let There Be Light” star Kevin Sorbo, who is married to Sam Sorbo, also took to Twitter to call out Democrats for not standing with the president when he went after late-term abortions.

“The Democrats along with all the women in white, have no reaction at the call to restrict late-term abortion. Eighty percent of the public disapproves. Wow … they sure are out of touch with America,” the filmmaker wrote.

“The Last Ship” and “Full Metal Jacket” star Adam Baldwin (pictured above right) also found the behavior of Pelosi humorous, especially when she, at one point, needed to gesture for Democrats to remain quiet while the president spoke.

He also called out Democrats for not showing as much care about drug trafficking on the border as the president.

Musician Kaya Jones (above left) at one point applauded the president by telling the Democrats, who at the time were giving him a standing ovation, to remain standing because they were going to “like” what he said next.

She also applauded the president for being able to bring both Democrats and Republicans to their feet at various points in his address.

“Justified” star and “Gosnell” director Nick Searcy also accused the female politicians who were wearing white to the State of the Union of belonging to a “cult.”

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