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Cusack Says Trump Should Be Impeached for Declaring National Emergency

John Cusack and Donald Trump

Plenty of President Donald Trump’s Hollywood critics are not fans of his decision to declare a national emergency [1] to secure funding for a border security wall — but “Say Anything” star John Cusack thinks it’s enough to get the president impeached.

“Impeach — House, do [your] duty — he may be the first president [to] be impeached twice — do it now — on the merits — when Mueller report comes in — deal with that then. Child abduction is a felony not [a] policy,” the actor wrote on Twitter on Friday.

The tweet was in response to filmmaker Michael Moore’s saying that Trump is America’s true “national emergency.”

Since his initial tweet, Cusack has called for Trump’s impeachment several more times on social media.

“Begin impeachment proceedings — that’s what Congress does with lawless presidents — yes?” Cusack tweeted in response to criticism from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) about Trump’s new declaration.

Cusack also called Trump a “mad king” in a later tweet.

Check out more of Cusack’s tweets below:

Celebrities like Cusack are beyond obsessive about this president — they never stop tweeting about him [14] — so it’s a wonder they have any time at all to do their actual jobs.

For more, check out the video below: