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Conservatives in Hollywood Blast Elizabeth Warren for Her Native-American Deception

Kaya Jones, Dean Cain and others are highlighting a story the mainstream media seem to care little about, oddly

The mainstream media and the Democrat Party have been reacting with little more than a shrug to the news that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) once listed herself as “American Indian” on a Texas bar registration form — even though she is only between one-32nd and one-512th Native American, according to a DNA test she took.

Yet many have been expressing outrage online over the news this week of the deception.

While Hollywood liberals have kept their anguished focus on President Donald Trump and his recent State of the Union address, many right-leaning entertainers have used their platforms to share the Warren story — a story that would likely be a career ender if she belonged to the Republican Party.

“Oh no no no. I’m more native than you @SenWarren and I wouldn’t ever dare do such a thing,” musician Kaya Jones wrote in response to the story.

“The Last Ship” and “Firefly” star Adam Baldwin called out the mainstream media for essentially ignoring what should be an explosive story.

He did so by posting a years-old video of Warren saying she has never used her minuscule Native-American heritage “for anything.”

“Gosnell” star Dean Cain was pointing to the story on Tuesday afternoon.

“Well this is interesting,” he tweeted in response to the Warren news.

“Justified” star and “Gosnell” director Nick Searcy retweeted a reaction to the story by Ben Shapiro in which the conservative commentator wrote, “#BelieveAllWomen.”

While Warren’s party affiliation may earn her credit with mainstream media outlets and special interest groups, there is no stopping this story from coming further into the light or being widely discussed.

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