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Bill Clinton’s Novel Will Be Turned into a Television Show

Christopher McQuarrie of 'Mission: Impossible' fame is set to help adapt the story for Showtime

Bill Clinton’s first novel is being turned into a television series by Showtime — and one of the industry’s top directors has hopped aboard.

“Mission: Impossible — Fallout” director Christopher McQuarrie is set to executive-produce “The President Is Missing,” which is based on the 2018 novel by Clinton and James Patterson.

The novel is about an America gripped by fear and concerned about a traitor in the White House and possible cyber-terror attacks.

Things only get worse when the president himself disappears and a frantic search is put into motion to find him and keep the country afloat.

Clinton and Patterson will be executive producers on Showtime’s adaptation of the novel, along with Anthony Peckham, the screenwriter behind “Invictus.”

McQuarrie is currently set to direct two more “Mission: Impossible” sequels with Tom Cruise starring in both.

“Christopher McQuarrie is a master of complex and compelling filmmaking. We feel so lucky to have ensnared him along with the supremely talented Tony Peckham to adapt ‘The President Is Missing,’” said Gary Levine, president of entertainment at Showtime Networks, in a public statement.

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“They are both extremely enthusiastic about bringing this uniquely authentic political thriller to life on Showtime.”

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