“Halloween” star Jamie Lee Curtis did something admirable this week — she apologized for listening to the mainstream media.

After a viral video that appeared to show conservative high school students harassing a Native-American man named Nathan Phillips was shown to be doctored and severely out of context, Curtis released a public statement for being one of many celebrities to judge the teens too quickly.

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“There are two sides to every story,” she tweeted.

“I made a snap judgment based on a photograph & I know better than to judge a book by its cover,” she added.

Not every liberal celebrity has been as open to different perspectives as Curtis.

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She released her apology on Sunday night.

Since then, plenty of celebrities have continued to spread fake news about the event, proving that information bubbles can be dangerous. Check this out:

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1.) Kathy Griffin. Griffin’s Twitter account has very much focused on the Covington Catholic High School kids’ story these past few days. She’s accused them of holding up Nazi signs and reposting a thread that said the “spin” that helped them — in other words, the full video — is part of today’s “white privilege” and “rape culture.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Griffin even posted a picture of the school’s basketball team holding up what she called the “new Nazi sign.” The boys were actually holding up a hand sign used in pictures and video to distract people in a humorous way. Most who use the sign don’t typically consider it a “new Nazi sign.”

In basketball, the hand signal (which is just the OK sign) is specifically used to celebrate three pointer shots. Plenty of professional basketball players can be seen doing it during games.

2.) Rosie O’Donnell. The “League of Their Own” star has also continued to be critical of the Covington students even in the wake of new information about the situation. Over the weekend, she posted a picture of junior Nick Sandmann — the student originally presumed by many to have harassed Nathan Phillips — next to an image of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

O’Donnell was one of many celebs who was highly critical of Kavanaugh and pushed the idea he was a sexual predator while he was being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

O’Donnell also helped spread a video that allegedly showed Covington Catholic High School students yelling at a young woman.

3.) Trevor Noah. “The Daily Show” host tackled the Phillips situation on his Monday night show; he at least acknowledged there were “two sides” to the story. Still, he still poked fun at the Covington students and mocked their claims that they were “afraid” of harassment.

“You see a video of a kid who has a Native-American man who’s playing his drum, and these kids are around the guy and they’re all jeering and they’re dancing — he’s got the smug look on his face,” Noah said, in part.

The comedian continued, “And let’s not lie, everyone that sees that smug look wants to punch that kid, right? I even saw conservative people online, when the first video, they were like, ‘Look at that face, you wanna punch that face.’ ‘Cause he does, and it’s not that — Trump or not — that he just looks like an a**hole … That’s how you look when you’re a teenager at that age.”

Noah called the incident a “weird story” and added, “I feel like depending on who is holding the camera, their story made them look like the victim.”

4.) Alyssa Milano. The actress tweeted on Monday that further context to the Phillips situation does not matter to her, as the Covington High School students in the video are bigots anyway because of their pro-life stances (they participated in the March for Life event).

“Let’s not forget — this entire event happened because a group of boys went on a school-sanctioned trip to protest against a woman’s right to her own body and reproductive health care. It is not debatable that bigotry was at play from the start,” the “Charmed” star tweeted.

5.) Debra Messing. The “Will & Grace” actress also does not seem to care about further video context.

She tweeted on Monday that the Covington students in the video are “condescending” and “disrespecting.”

“Mocking, condescending, disrespecting, A**HOLE,” she tweeted along with the hashtag “#CovingtonShame.”

Messing has continued to retweet opinions pushing back on the idea that the Covington students were the victims of harassment.

For more, check out the video below: