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Stacey Abrams Will Deliver the Democrat Response to Trump’s State of the Union


With the State of the Union address back on [1], Democrats needed someone to deliver a rebuttal to the president’s address.

Reports confirm that the response will be given by Stacey Abrams (shown above) — who lost the governor’s race in Georgia this past November.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes first reported [2] on the development, indicating that Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) office has been pursuing Abrams for weeks.

“A reliable source tells me that Chuck Schumer called Stacey Abrams three weeks ago to ask her to deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union,” Hayes tweeted.

Schumer’s office later confirmed the news, and the Senate Democratic leader himself would tell reporters [3] that he was “delighted” when she accepted.

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It’s hard to fathom why anyone would want the voice of the resistance to be an individual who couldn’t even win her most recent election.

Abrams, though, has remained a rising star in the Democrat Party despite the defeat, both for her extremist views and her unwillingness to concede an election, a staple of losers within her party.

Going with Abrams means another hard turn to the Left. Aside from her petulant refusal to accept election results [5] that she had hoped would be tainted with fraudulent ballots [6] in the first place, Abrams is perfectly in sync with the radical segment of the Democrat Party.

She recently confessed to wanting non-citizens [7] to have the ability to vote in local elections.

“In some cases, you would be supportive of non-citizens voting?” PBS host Margaret Hoover asked.

“I wouldn’t oppose it,” Abrams admitted.

So it makes sense, in a roundabout way, to have her discuss illegal voting rights after the law-and-order president speaks. Because this is what Democrats believe in.

She also has another positive trait in the eyes of the resistance party: Abrams is beloved by Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey spoke at a rally for Abrams [8], while former President Barack Obama did his best to push the high-tax-supporting, socialism-loving member of their party across the finish line in November, to no avail.

Better than last year. One has to assume that whatever leftist tripe Abrams puts forth, it’ll be better than the performance from her party last year.

First, there was the actual State of the Union, in which Democrat politicians refused to applaud [9] such universally cheered items as a historically low African-American unemployment rate, employee bonuses, millions of jobs created, the American flag, the phrase our nation was built on — “In God We Trust’ — the national anthem, border security, and on and on.

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Then, there was the response to the SOTU address, which featured Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) [11] standing in front of a broken-down car while battling for screen-time with his chapstick [12].

Fortunately for Abrams, she not only has the support of a party that is quickly moving to the far Left, she’s also had the bar for delivering a response set extremely low.

This article originally appeared in The Political Insider [13] and is used by permission.

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