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Rapper Cardi B Says She Would Have ‘Punched’ Trump If He Served Her Fast Food

She joins other liberal stars who are upset about a hot meal

Controversial rapper Cardi B revealed she would have had quite a reaction if she’d visited the White House and been served fast food by the president of the United States.

Cardi B’s comments were inspired by the recent White House visit by the Clemson Tigers football team.

President Donald Trump personally paid for a spread that included McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other fast food meals.

“If you gonna fly out a team that bust they a** practicing – you gonna fly them out to give them some cold motherf***** french fries, that is disrespectful, and that’s like spitting in a n****’s face,” declared Cardi B in a curse-filled live video to her social media followers.

She continued, “Like I swear to God, if I was there, I would have punched the motherf***** — I would have motherf***** punched the wig out of Trump, bro.”

Cardi B was not the only anti-Trump celebrity to make a big deal about the array of food served to the championship Clemson Tigers, who beat Alabama’s Crimson Tide last week by a score of 44-16 in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

“Star Trek” actor George Takei actually called the fast-food decision a “national trauma.”

And “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan made a public offer to the athletes to feed them lobster and caviar at a restaurant in New York City after their fast food meal at the White House.

Everyday people, however, don’t seem bothered much by the event.

“The players seemed to love it, and didn’t mind,” wrote one commenter about the Clemson Tigers’ visit.

Another responded, “Can’t please everyone.”

Another commenter on Facebook said, “The government didn’t have to pay for it [the meal]. President Trump did. And I think it was a great gesture of the president. And I bet all the players enjoyed it.”

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For more on the Clemson Tigers visiting the White House, check out the video below: