“Gosnell” director and “Justified” star Nick Searcy (pictured above left) is one of many Americans who are concerned about New York’s major new expansion of abortion rights.

In “Gosnell 2: The Exoneration,” a new column for Townhall, Searcy expressed particular shock over the fact that New York’s just-signed abortion laws would make the crimes of the infamous Kermit Gosnell (above right) legal.

Gosnell is a former Philadelphia abortion doctor who was convicted on three counts of first degree murder in 2013.

His unsanitary clinic employed untrained staff and did not keep up to code — and Gosnell himself was actually severing the spines of fully born children.

“On Jan. 22, 2019, almost everything Gosnell and his staff did was legalized by the state of New York,” wrote Searcy after describing the despicable crimes of the former Philadelphia doctor.

“He was convicted of killing breathing infants that had already been born. It is now legal in New York to kill an infant that survives an abortion,” the director and outspoken conservative added.

He continued, “He was convicted of allowing untrained and unlicensed non-medical personnel to perform abortions. It is now legal in New York for non-physicians or any ‘health professionals’ (undefined) to perform abortions … He was convicted of performing at least 21 late-term abortions past the legal limit of 24 weeks. It is now legal in New York to terminate a pregnancy up until the due date. In New York, there is no longer any such thing as a ‘late-term’ abortion.”

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Searcy said those celebrating New York’s new law lack faith.

“The officials who passed this law in New York and then cheered like they had cured cancer would not have been able to do so if they believed that a human being is a creation of God. They have to believe that a human being is just a biological accident with no soul, no divine spark, no plan from heaven — and therefore possessing no inherent reason to be preserved,” he wrote.

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The filmmaker added that the new law is just another example of how the Left demands more and more power over individuals.

“Kermit Gosnell argued that even if the infant he aborted was past the 24-week period, his judgment about it should be the ultimate authority in deciding its gestational age. HE was the Supreme Power. What the Left ultimately wants to acquire is the power over life and death at ANY age, and that is why they have decriminalized Kermit Gosnell,” he wrote.

“And history shows that they will not stop there.”

Searcy’s “Gosnell” is available on demand now. Check out the trailer below: