Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) urged conservatives and Christians on Thursday to speak out against the “ongoing crisis” resulting from mainstream media outlets’ constant “outrage” against Christianity.

Crenshaw tweeted on Tuesday about the “media blunders” over the past several days.

He said that includes “hardly any coverage of #MarchforLife,” the “Buzzfeed lies about Cohen case,” “slandering Covington Catholic students over false narrative” — and the “slander” of “Karen Pence for working at Christian school.”

Crenshaw added, “Three out of four are fundamentally anti-Christian. Just [in the] last seven days.”

A video went viral several days ago showing Native-American activist Nathan Phillips’ interaction with MAGA hat-wearing teenagers from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky — specifically, Nick Sandmann (shown above left) — near the Lincoln Memorial. The encounter occurred after the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C.

Social media users initially targeted Sandmann and the other students — and accused them of racism, thinking they had approached and surrounded Phillips on purpose in order to mock him.

But far more complete videos showed otherwise. Instead, it was Phillips, 64, who approached the teenagers while beating a drum and chanting.

The students, who had been standing there waiting for the buses that would take them back home to Kentucky, did not move from their original positions.

Yet the damage was done — and as a result of messages spread by many in the media and others, the Covington teens have received death threats and torrents of verbal abuse on social media platforms targeting their faith, their political affiliation and more. Their parents have been threatened as well, as two of the teens said in a video they released the other day.

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Second lady Karen Pence (above right) received intense backlash last week after media outlets caught wind of her return to teaching art at a private Christian school.

Karen Pence drew the media’s ire after they discovered that Immanuel Christian School requires employees, students and parents to adhere to a statement of faith. The school requires those involved to believe in and practice biblical sexual morality and traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Also, conservatives have been accusing Democratic senators of stalling consideration of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees because of their hostility toward their Christian faith.

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When Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy asked Crenshaw about his tweet on Thursday, the congressman replied, “This started with the March for Life. And you know, aside from Fox News, March for Life doesn’t get a whole lot of coverage, even though there’s hundreds of thousands of people coming out in a positive, optimistic way.”

“But what did get coverage was, you know, the Covington High School students that you were reporting on earlier,” Crenshaw added. “That story has been thoroughly debunked. Yet the mainstream media resorted to complete outrage culture, you know, in stride, all together, ‘Let’s hate these kids, let’s demean these kids’ — it was so wrong. It was so painful to watch.”

“Right before that, Karen Pence had been attacked for just teaching at a Christian school. We’ve seen the last couple months, Democrat senators tearing apart judicial nominees because of their Christian faith,” Crenshaw continued. “This is an ongoing crisis and it’s not right. And I think we should be speaking out against it.”

Check out more in the video below: