Jim Carrey’s latest bizarre political painting takes aim at Covington Catholic High School students in Kentucky by calling them “baby snakes.”

The painting shows Nick Sandmann and other young people smirking and closing in on a Native-American activist (Nathan Phillips) — even though, in reality, it was Phillips, not the teenagers, who moved in toward the crowd of kids as they stood near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., a few days ago in this now-viral story.

Carrey provided the caption “baby snakes” for his image.

Check it out below:

The painting pretty clearly demonstrates that Carrey continues to fall for or partake in fake news.

An edited video that seemingly showed Sandmann mocking Phillips and other Native-Americans recently went viral — and plenty of mainstream media outlets leapt on it. The fact that Sandmann and his classmates were wearing Make America Great Again hats only added fuel to the fire and led to some intense reactions on social media.

However, a full and complete video was released — and it clearly showed that Sandmann and his teenage classmates were the victims of harassment before the incident even took place.

Phillips’ story and even his status as a Vietnam veteran have also come into question.

Some celebrities have chosen to apologize, given the new information and context to the video.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

Others continue to mock and criticize the teenagers with whom they disagree.

Comedian Kathy Griffin, for instance, spread more fake news when she posted a picture of the Covington High School basketball team and claimed they were using the “new Nazi sign.”

Turns out the boys were using a well-known hand signal to celebrate points earned in a game. Griffin subsequently deleted the tweet.

For more, check out the video below: