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Hollywood Actor Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Illiterate’ About the Teachings of Jesus

'Coyote Ugly' star John Fugelsang went after the president for celebrating schools that include Bible courses

Actor John Fugelsang believes the only reason Donald Trump is president is that the millions of people who voted for him and claim to be Christian are “illiterate” when it comes to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Fugelsang — who has appeared in films such as “Coyote Ugly” and “The Girl on the Train” — responded to a Monday tweet from the president celebrating the introduction of Bible literacy courses in schools.

“Numerous states introducing Bible literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible.”

“Starting to make a turn back? Great!” the president tweeted.

Fugelsang responded, “The only reason you’re president is that 62 million self-described Christians were completely illiterate about Jesus’ teachings.”

He then joked that “an angel coughs up blood” every time the president talks about the Bible.

“Every time Trump mentions the Bible an angel coughs up blood,” he said.

The actor later doubled down on his statement when a critic challenged him.

“Self-described comedian @johnfugelsang wants to be the nation’s authority on Christianity? So voting Hillary is following Christ teachings? If u knew JESUS teachings you’d know politicians haven’t followed them. We voted for a potus not pastor. Your twitter Bible study is a fail!” a user tweeted to Fugelsang.

The actor responded with, “Please name one teaching of Christ [that] Trump campaigned on or fought for legislatively. One. I can name dozens that you’ve rejected by supporting DT, you only have to name one. Just one. This will involve actually reading the Gospels.”

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