‘Harassment in the Bernie Campaign Not Cool, but I Like His Response,’ Says Bill Maher

HBO late-night host weighed in on the senator's comments to CNN's Anderson Cooper

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Some have not been very pleased with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or his response to recent allegations of sexual misconduct within his 2016 campaign for president.

A group of former staffers on the campaign wrote a letter requesting a meeting with Sanders and other top people from the campaign.

They wanted to discuss alleged inappropriate behavior that apparently was not handled well within the campaign staff.

“In recent weeks there has been an ongoing conversation on social media, in texts, and in person, about the untenable and dangerous dynamic that developed during our campaign,” more than two dozen male and female staffers wrote in a letter, which they told Politico they never wanted to become public.

When CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sanders about the letter recently, the senator and former presidential hopeful gave a dismissive response that has earned him backlash among those on the Left.

“I’m very proud of the campaign we ran in 2016,” said Sanders, adding he believes his campaign “changed the nature of political discourse in this country.”

Sanders went on to say it was the swift popularity of his campaign that may have led to oversights.

The senator said the campaign boomed to 1,200 employees in just a few short months.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you we did everything right in terms of human resources, in terms of addressing the needs I’m hearing about now, that women felt disrespected, that there was sexual harassment, which was not dealt with as effectively as possible,” he said.

The senator went on to apologize to women who felt they were not treated well within his campaign — and said he would do better if he runs for president again.

When asked whether he had knowledge of problems within the campaign while he was running, Sanders answered, “I was a little bit busy running around the country.”

Check out Sanders’ comments below:

After all that, at least one person is happy with those comments.

HBO television host Bill Maher defended Sanders this week.

“Harassment in the Bernie campaign not cool, but I like his response to, ‘Did you know?’: ‘I was a little busy running around the country trying to make the case,’” Maher said.

Maher added, “I’m sure Dems will do what they do best and destroy another of their leaders.”

Sanders is a registered independent.

Maher has defended liberal politicians’ dealings with misconduct allegations in the past.

In September, he said it was time for Al Franken, who left office after being accused of sexual misconduct, to have a comeback.

“You know what? America always overreacts and then has buyer’s remorse. We did it with 9/11, and Janet Jackson’s nipple, and bird flu, and Bill Clinton’s blow job. And certainly, the all-time overreaction was ‘Al Franken: sex predator,’” said Maher bluntly.

For more on Bernie Sanders, check out the video below:

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