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Dick Cheney’s Daughter Slams Christian Bale for Insulting Her Father at Golden Globes

She brought up the 'Dark Knight' star's troubled past after the actor received kudos for his work in 'Vice'

Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, pushed back at actor Christian Bale, who spent part of his time at the Golden Globes insulting her father.

Bale, who gained over 40 pounds to play the role of Dick Cheney in the film “Vice,” won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy on Sunday night.

His acceptance speech was one of the most political of the entire evening.

After saying his wife warned him not to talk too much because he might insult or alienate people, Bale proceeded to do just that.

At one point he even thanked “Satan” for giving him “inspiration” to play the role of Cheney. Bale also called Cheney “charisma free” and “reviled.”

Not satisfied with going after Cheney, Bale also went after Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and jokingly proposed that the senator may be the next “charisma-free” politician the “Dark Knight” actor tackles.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) took to Twitter to bite back at Bale.

“Satan probably inspired him to do this, too,” she wrote along with including a link to an article detailing allegations from the summer of 2008 against Bale.

The allegations included an  assault of his mother and sister.

After he was arrested and questioned by authorities, he was eventually let go on bail. The charges were later dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

“Vice” does not portray Dick Cheney or Liz Cheney in a favorable light.

Liz Cheney (played by Lily Rabe) is shown getting her father’s permission at one point to say she does not believe in gay marriage. Though her sister is openly gay, she believed the position would win her more votes.

“Vice” has earned a 63 percent approval rating from professional critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but voting users have only given it 55 percent. Opening weekend audiences graded it a C-plus through Cinemascore.

The film has earned nearly $30 million at the domestic box office since its release on Christmas Day.

Liz Cheney recently promised to fight against the “fraud of socialism” in a speech that was criticized by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“Rep. Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, yesterday attacked ‘the fraud of socialism,’” Sanders wrote in a tweet. “Really? I wasn’t aware that it was ‘socialism’ that lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and got us into a horrific war that we should never have started.”

Sanders use of Cheney’s father to criticize her was deemed by many to be a sexist attack.

Check out a trailer for “Vice” below: