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Cher Says Donald Trump Belongs in a Straitjacket

'Where's our shame?' says the left-leaning musician in another rant against the president of the United States

Musician and entertainer Cher directed some strong statements at President Donald Trump on Twitter early Thursday morning.

The Grammy-winning singer and leftist is clearly unhappy with Trump and the partial government shutdown, which is in its 34th day as of Thursday.

Cher tweeted (using her typically run-on and shorthand sentence format): “Feds Should Walk 2 White House, Stick trump In Straight Jacket, & Put His A** 2 PRISON. He Said He Wanted 2 GUT Government … WELL HE HAS. WHAT RUSSIAN IS THRILLED AMERICA’S GUTTED, OVERJOYED MILLIONS OF [Americans] ARE REDUCED 2 POVERTY IN 1 MONTH, REJOICE HER SKIES ARE NOW UNSAFE.”

Cher was not done, however.

She let out the rest of her anger in a follow-up tweet.

“Where’s our shame?” she asked.

“If there’s disaster where ppl die, what will Our PRECIOUS Shutdown mean [then]!? Do our positions on Shutdown Mean More Than Federal Workers Home, car!?”

“What if Federal worker Dies from STRESS!? Trump’s [heartless] trash he’ll let Shutdown go on till ppl Drop [dead],” she added.

This type of  nearly incoherent message is typical of Cher these days.

Two days prior to this tirade, she said that no one in America is really safe unless that person is a white Trump supporter who wears a Make America Great Again hat.

It was an angry response to the Supreme Court’s decision this week to uphold the president’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military.

Cher also said she wanted to see the president get tarred and feathered — a form of torture used in medieval Europe and colonial America.

Previously, Cher has called the president a “liar” and “traitor” and said he is “ruining” America. During that same December 2017 Twitter rant, she also said President Trump and his family are “so in bed with Russia … Putin puts mints on their pillows.”

As for the person she’s supporting in the 2020 presidential election against Trump, she said she would back former Vice President Joe Biden, assuming he runs.

Even though it’s crystal-clear she’s no fan of the president, Cher made a shocking revelation earlier this month: She admitted she wished House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) would fund the border security wall simply to end the shutdown.

For more on Cher and her thoughts on Trump, check out the video below:

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