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Chelsea Handler Calls Trump a ‘Toddler’ and Attacks the President’s Supporters

Comedian actually suggested conservatives may enjoy watching people suffer

Chelsea Handler took another stab at political harmony on Tuesday by suggesting that President Donald Trump is behaving like a toddler and that his supporters may enjoy watching people suffer.

“Watching our president behave like an errant toddler depriving people of their basic necessities — people who are supposed to be protected by our government — should warm his supporters’ hearts. Does it?”

“Do you guys enjoy watching people suffer? For a large slab of cement?” tweeted the comedian and former talk show host.

Handler is one of many liberal celebrities who takes her regular attacks on the president one step further — by also insulting Trump’s supporters.

“The Good Wife” actor Josh Charles recently went on a vulgar tirade against the president and those who continue to support him.

“I’m so sick of this mothef*****. Just so sick. This needs to end. F*** him and every single person who continues to support him and his dangerous administration,” he wrote.

“Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman also recently went after the entire Republican Party — and called it the “KKK Party.”

“Hey Kevin McCarthy! Ted Cruz! Steve Scalise! How dare you suddenly start condemning the Nazi that is Steve King when you’ve been cheering him on for his entire embarrassing career! You are the KKK party. Own it muthaf*****! And one more thing … F*** YOU!” wrote Perlman.


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