Alyssa Milano took to Twitter over the weekend to compare Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again hats to the infamous white hoods worn by members of the Ku Klux Klan.

“The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” the “Charmed” star wrote.

“Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”

She then added the hashtag, “#FirstThoughtsWhenIWakeUp.”

Milano also posted a video of Nick Sandmann, a pro-life Covington Catholic High school junior from Kentucky, and Native-American activist Nathan Phillips — who have been the topic of numerous media stories because of an incident that occurred in D.C. over the weekend.

The two gained national attention because of an edited video that appeared to show Sandmann, wearing a MAGA hat, engaged in harassment against Phillips.

A longer unedited video of the encounter, however, revealed that Sandmann and the other young people seen in the video were themselves the victims of harassment.

Sandmann released a public statement saying protesters harassed him and the other students. He said he is “mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen — that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward African-Americans or Native Americans. I did not do that, do not have hateful feelings in my heart, and did not witness any of my classmates doing that.”

Liberal protesters, he added, called him and his friends “‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘f******,’ and ‘incest kids.’ They also taunted an African-American student from my school by telling him that we would ‘harvest his organs.'”

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Many celebrities, including Milano, continue to believe the now-disproven narrative that Sandmann harassed Phillips for being Native-American. They’ve used this to further their beliefs that anyone wearing a MAGA hat or supporting Donald Trump is racist.

As for the MAGA hat? Many see different things in the hat. Rapper Kanye West has praised his own MAGA hat and said it represents individualism.

He called it his “Superman cape” in the past.

Milano, however, won’t allow her steadfast beliefs to be changed  by that.

For more on Milano and her politics, check out the video below: