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Why We Must Still Fight the Liberal War on Christmas

President Donald Trump has taken a strong stand — but the Left has the media, entertainment, and academia

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When he was running for president and as president, Donald Trump promised to dispense with the politically correct “Happy Holidays” and bring back the words “Merry Christmas” — not only to the White House, but to all of America.

I have no doubt he meant it.

In a nation where upwards of 80 percent of our citizens are Christian and a majority of non-Christian citizens are not remotely offended by the words “Merry Christmas,” President Trump felt he had to take a stand against the liberal war on Christmas.

He has, but we are still losing … badly.

The reason is quite simple. Decades ago, conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and anyone against the insanity of political correctness ceded the three major megaphones of our nation to the far Left. Those megaphones were the media, entertainment, and academia.

Once the far Left seized absolute control of those megaphones, they went to work on their wish list to change the cultural, political and moral makeup of our nation.

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High atop that list was the total removal of Christ from Christmas and the transformation of one of the holiest days of the year into a secular holiday.

Studies from the Pew Research Center and others have found they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

While a large majority of Americans still celebrate Christmas in one way or another, according to Pew, most now emphasize the religious elements of Christmas less and less and few are bothered by that change.

If you still believe you have the right to say “Merry Christmas” — or even more shocking — are one of those “deplorables clinging to your guns and religion” who deeply believe Christ has to be part of Christmas, you have but a few years to change the tide.

Several years ago I met with a number of ministers and priests to talk about the fact that so many people are walking away from their faith, are being intimidated into not saying “Merry Christmas,” or both.

To a person, they felt that to reverse that alarming trend, we had to reclaim some of the media, entertainment and academic high ground and once again share the true meaning of Christmas and why Christ is the only reason we have a Christmas Day.

I took their words to heart and decided a small step was better than no step. Why not try and write a story that incorporated all the basic messages of Christmas, which would appeal to the widest possible secular audience, while inserting strategic reminders as to why Christ has to be part of Christmas?

The novel I created — “The North Pole Project: In Search of the True Meaning of Christmas” — focused on a hedonistic multi-billionaire who had everything material possession in life … but nothing. No faith, no love. No meaning.

As he realized that truth and contemplated the worst, his minister brother suddenly called and talked him back from the abyss. He did so by reminding his billionaire brother that the only time he remembered him truly happy in life was when they were poor and lived on an Army base with their military parents. As an eight-year old boy, he would collect old soda bottles to turn in for money so he could buy Christmas presents for children on the base who were less fortunate than himself.

“Become that person again,” the minister brother begged him. “Become Santa Claus all over again and in the process, reclaim your faith and save yourself.”

As the story evolves, the multi-billionaire does reconnect with his faith — and then stands upon it as the rock-solid foundation for the good he intends to do for the rest of his natural life.

For the multi-billionaire, his sole mission becomes to bring joy to desperately poor and forgotten children the world over — “God’s children.”

Men and women are “saved” by this unique project while they and hundreds of others band together to help tens of thousands of children from multiple nations.

To do so, the literal-minded billionaire is struck with an ingenious way to create a real Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. It’s a solution he believes to be an epiphany.

The story also incorporates subplots of 10 adults from around the world who are trying to overcome or survive some of life’s most distressing challenges. Men and women are “saved” by this project while they and hundreds of others band together to help tens of thousands of children from multiple nations.

The ultimate message of this simple book is that no matter our status in life, if we help someone in need — be it a relative, a colleague, a neighbor, a stranger, or especially a child — that is the best Christmas present we ourselves could ever receive.

And for that, I say, “Merry Christmas and God Bless us, everyone.”

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the novel “The North Pole Project – In Search of the True Meaning of Christmas.”

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