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The Joy Behar-Meghan McCain Feud: 15 Fierce Reactions

Liberal co-host reportedly threatened to quit after conservative colleague asked her to stop bashing Trump

Co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain of ABC’s “The View” blew up at each other both on and off the air this week in an unusually vicious argument — and many people took to Twitter to sound off about it after Behar reportedly threatened to quit the show.

The co-hosts were discussing the life and legacy of former President George H.W. Bush, who served as the nation’s 41st president from 1989 to 1993. He passed away at age 94 on Friday night.

But the segment swiftly soured after Behar (pictured above left) used the opportunity to bash President Donald Trump by comparing him unfavorably to Bush. She claimed that Trump “is trying to unravel everything that [Bush] did and [former President Barack] Obama did.”

But McCain (above right) asked Behar to please leave the current president out of the tribute to Bush, saying, “I don’t want to talk about Trump.”

As the two women argued, McCain then told Behar, “I’m not interested in your one-issue” voting concern. And an incensed Behar retorted, “I don’t care what you are interested in. I’m talking! Damn it!”

Behar and McCain continued shouting over each other until co-host Whoopi Goldberg abruptly cut in and went to a commercial break.

But as the camera panned out, Behar could be seen slamming her cue cards down on the table and pointing at McCain as the two women continued yelling.

At that point, producers off turned their mics.

A source told The Daily Mail that Behar yelled, “My God!” and, “Get this b**** under control.”

(It’s actually ironic that Kid Rock called Behar a “b****” last week — which led all of “The View” co-hosts, including McCain, to defend and support Behar.)

“If this s*** doesn’t stop I’m quitting this damn show. I can’t take this much more,” Behar reportedly ranted, calling McCain an “entitled b****” and threatening to quit the show entirely.

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As a result of what happened, many social media users sounded off about “The View” feud and debated whether Behar or McCain was more to blame.

Here are 13 notable reactions on Twitter and Facebook to the TV feud.

1.) “Joy is incredibly non-joyful,” said Parkland school shooting survivor and conservative activist Kyle Kashuv.

2.) “Interesting how Joy Behar used the same word she took offense to being called a few days ago,” said Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, referring to Kid Rock’s insult against Behar.

3.) Conservative political contributor Kambree Kawahine Koa wrote, “WHOA!! Joy Behar Calls [McCain] a ‘B****’ and Threatens to Quit … @JoyVBehar sure as heck can dish it out but she CAN’T TAKE IT!”

4.) “Liberal nutjob Joy Behar can’t actually win an argument. Now she threatens Meghan McCain,” wrote conservative radio host and author Mark Levin.

5.) Tweeted actor Bill Baldwin, “Joy Behar is my spirit animal… ♥️”

6.) TV host Jawn Murray wrote, “So about #TheView today, it was such a quiet, peaceful, demure episode. I’m lying … that show was BANANAS! Joy Behar had enough with someone being rude. I’ve never seen Joy go OFF like that!”

7.) Actor Nick Searcy tweeted, “You should be fired, @joyvbehar. I dare you to quit.”

8.) A Twitter user wrote, “Damn, @MeghanMcCain you were so disrespectful to @JoyVBehar. She was talking about what he put into place that Trump is unraveling. I often enjoy your commentary, but you were so out of line today. I hope you apologized.”

9.) Another user wrote, “@JoyVBehar, all you had [to] do is say something nice about Bush and then move on. We all know you hate Trump! Here is the deal. I know you have heard of the boy who cried wolf, well, you talked so much about Trump people have stopped listening. This was Bush’s day, not yours.”

10.) And still another Twitter user wrote, “Everyone please give @MeghanMcCain a break. I’m a huge fan of Joy as well but Meghan had a good point, sometimes leaving Trump out of things is just better. Home Girl Meghan has been a bastion of hope and comfort for yours truly and I completely feel where she was coming from.”

11.) “They all make me want to throw up,” wrote a reader on Facebook about the entire show.

12.) “I would like nothing better than for [Joy Behar] to quit the show and even more for the whole show to be disbanded,” wrote another reader on Facebook. “But what [Meghan McCain] did at her father’s funeral was also uncalled for, political and disgusting.”

13.) “The whole show should be cut! It spreads hate!” said still another person on Facebook.

14.) “How do we live in a society where these pontificating windbags have any relevance?” said another Facebook user.

15.) “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!” said another.

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