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Michelle Obama Says ‘Bye Felicia’ to Trump Inauguration

Former first lady, during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, was also dismissive about Melania Trump's gift to her

On Tuesday night’s “The Tonight Show,” Michelle Obama, the former first lady, had some not-so-nice things to say about attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration early last year.

“This is you. This is after the Trump inauguration just waving from Air Force One,” said host Jimmy Fallon to Mrs. Obama as he pulled out an image of Barack and Michelle Obama waving to the cameras and the media as they entered Air Force One.

Fallon then tried asking Michelle Obama what was going through her mind during those moments.

But he was interrupted by his guest, who was clearly more than willing to share what was on her mind at the time.

“Can you just walk me through what —”

“Bye, Felicia,” said Mrs. Obama to audience applause.

“Bye, Felicia” has become a viral saying over the last few years.

It’s a statement used to express utter dismissiveness — a sort of “get out of my face” comment.

The line was originally used in 1995’s “Friday,” the film that launched rapper Ice Cube’s filmmaking career. His character, Craig, says the line to a character named Felicia who was bothering him.

“Friday” was followed by two sequels and an animated series — but the “Bye, Felicia” moment has superseded the franchise and turned into a viral moment often shared on social media.

In her interview, Michelle Obama later complained that her last night at the White House was difficult because her daughters decided to have a sleepover.

She also did not seem happy with a gift that Melania Trump gave her on the day of the current president’s inauguration.

“There was that,” Mrs. Obama said of the sleepover.

Then she added, “And then there was the Tiffany’s box. It was just all, you know — a lot.”

Michelle Obama scrunched her face at the camera when mentioning the Tiffany’s box that Melania Trump kindly handed her. So clearly she did not appreciate the gift.

After cameras captured Melania Trump’s handing Michelle Obama the gift, it was revealed that inside the box was a picture frame.

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Michelle Obama is currently out promoting her book “Becoming,” a memoir partly about her time as first lady.

She is also critical of President Trump in the book.

“Becoming” has been a major best-seller and was recently reported to have sold over two million copies.

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Michelle Obama will be working with her husband to produce content for the streaming giant Netflix.

The projects will vary and could include everything from scripted content to documentaries.

President Donald Trump’s inauguration took place on Jan. 20, 2017.

Check out Michelle Obama’s interview with Jimmy Fallon below: