Melania Slammed for Calling the Media and Others ‘Opportunists’

She just can't escape it — people are now angry she criticized those who use 'my family name to advance themselves'

Many people went after first lady Melania Trump on social media after she rebuked journalists who are “opportunists” and who use “my family name to advance themselves.”

She made those comments during an exclusive interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

Hannity asked Melania Trump what has been the “hardest” thing for her to endure during her nearly two years as first lady.

Mrs. Trump replied, “I would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves, from comedians to journalists to performers, book writers.”

“It doesn’t hurt. The problem is they’re writing the history and it’s not correct,” she added. “They like to focus on the gossip, and I would like [them] to focus on the substance and what we do — not just about nonsense.”

Earlier on in the interview, the first lady said, “I do what I think is right. I know I will get the criticism from the public or from the media, but I will do what is right and what I feel is right for the country and for the people.”

Though her remarks seem entirely reasonable — her detractors on social media weren’t (and aren’t) having it.

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And people lit into her with clear hatred.

“Melania Trump is a trash human being. And it has nothing to do with her youthful photo shoots. It has everything to do with how she capes for Trump’s racism and bullying, and then acts scandalized when people aren’t willing to treat her delicately,” tweeted AlterNet magazine reporter Matthew Chapman.

The Democratic Coalition’s Twitter page issued this: “The @FLOTUS, who clearly doesn’t value a free press either, says writers and journalists are just ‘using my name or my family name to advance themselves.'”

Director and commentator Brad Fraser wrote, “This opportunistic pig is as disgusting as the thing she married. @FLOTUS.”

Writer and blogger Andy Ostroy wrote, “Wow. Talk about ‘opportunists.’ No one’s cashed in on the #Trump name more in the last 20 years than the First Opportunist … #Melania.”

“As if #Melania’s name is worth the rubles #Putin pays her & her #treasonous moron of a husband, but interesting choice of words though, ‘opportunists,'” one person tweeted.

“So how are [people] to take seriously the snivelings of a soft-core porn star who married a pathological liar, thief, and fraud? She made her filthy bed. She’s just going to have to sleep in it,” another person tweeted.

“Malaria,” someone wrote on Twitter, “that’s because you are part of the joke of the White House. If you’re think you’re bebest, you’re wrong. You’re not beautiful, you’re not classy, you’re a rag bag. People are going to use your name to laugh for centuries to come @MELANIATRUMP.”

“I know some people have plastic surgery but I think she had a brain reduction. I mean her remarks utterly confuse me,” someone tweeted.

Check out Melania Trump’s interview in the video below: