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Five Novelists Every Conservative Needs to Be Reading

Storytellers who have inspired the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Clint Eastwood deserve time and attention from right-leaning thinkers

Hollywood may not be the friendliest place for conservatives, but right-leaning artists have always been well represented in literature.

In addition to conservative pundits such as Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and others who regularly make the nonfiction best-seller lists with their new books, others who steadfastly believe in individualism, American exceptionalism and limited government often craft novels that deserve tine and attention.

Here is a look at five modern novelists whom every conservative needs to be reading.

1.) Stephen Hunter. No storyteller writes more accurately or passionately about guns than Stephen Hunter.

Firearms are often signature pieces in each and every one of his books; he draws on a well of knowledge that’s easy to envy.

Hunter is a pro-Second Amendment author — he’s also a Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic who once wrote for The Washington Post — and his prose is sharp, electric and captivating.

He often focuses on men who would be played by John Wayne or Clint Eastwood if the stories were made into movies in the ’60s or ’70s.

Two of his most well-known characters are Bob Lee Swagger and Earl Swagger — a father-and-son duo. The former is a Vietnam veteran who sticks to a strict code of justice he enforces after years as a sniper in one of America’s most controversial wars. The latter is a small-town sheriff with keen ideas of right and wrong.

Bob Lee Swagger has appeared in both film and television. In 2007’s “Shooter,” Mark Wahlberg (pictured above left, from the film) took on the role, while Ryan Phillippe took over for a TV series by the same name, which recently ended after three seasons.

Swagger also continues to headline Hunter’s novels.

The next installment, “Game of Snipers,” will be released next summer.

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2.) Ben Shapiro. Known mainly as the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, Shapiro is one of the most in-demand conservative commentators out there. He also moonlights as a novelist — and he’s fairly talented, too.

Shapiro has written a novel and a collection of short stories; one can only hope he continues to be interested in fiction, as his stories are gripping and unique and always have a message that is worth hearing.

“What’s Fair: And Other Stories” deserved the attention a Stephen King collection deserves, but Shapiro was essentially ignored by the mainstream media because of his politics. Despite the oversight, it’s an eye-opening set of stories, each with strong messages and impressive prose.

“True Allegiance” is a more action-oriented work that proves Shapiro needs to be writing a lot more fiction.

He’s a great conservative thinker; he’s also a commendable conservative novelist and any fan of his should take the time to dive into his fiction.

3.) Brad Thor. There’s no novelist writing more accurately or bitingly about modern warfare and global politics than Brad Thor.

The author of books like “Hidden Order” and “Spymaster,” Thor takes on the military, government red tape and Islamic terrorism with a strength and bluntness other authors simply don’t match.

His novels follow anti-terrorism agent Scot Harvath; the stories are begging to be adapted into a television or film series.

Harvath is deadly, smart, capable — but also complicated, worn down, and realistic. Harvath should be given his own “Ray Donovan”-type series.

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4.) Lisa De Pasquale. If there’s a writer who needs to be cloned, it’s Lisa De Pasquale.

The conservative author writes about dating and young adulthood with an honesty and uniqueness few other writers possess.

Books like “I Wish I Might” (a novel) and “Finding Mr. Righteous” (a memoir) are feel-good stories that manage to challenge and entertain in the same breath.

They are relatable, but also eye-opening at times for those who don’t experience the female side of falling in love, succeeding, struggling, and more.

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5.) Andrew Klavan. Klavan is more known today for his political commentary — often peppered with hilarious satire — for The Daily Wire, but he’s also one of the most talented novelists of his generation.

He’s written everything from “Werewolf Cop” — a modern-day take on the horror movie genre — to “True Crime” — a meditation on the death penalty, which was turned into a movie by Clint Eastwood (pictured above right).

Klavan’s latest book, “The Leftese Dictionary,” breaks down modern-day liberal language in a humorous fashion; but his novels are where his talents really shine. Klavan is a versatile author with a perspective that’s both deep and extremely engaging.

He was also one of the writers of the recently released “Gosnell.”

Check out the trailer for that film below: