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Exposed: Homophobic Tweets from Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman

After Kevin Hart's ouster as Oscars host, rapper Nick Cannon highlighted some comments from other folks

Rapper Nick Cannon was not too happy to see the lambasting of comedian Kevin Hart and the man’s loss of an Oscars-hosting gig for a few homophobic tweets he posted several years back.

So over the weekend, he helped expose a double standard over the weekend.

The rapper took to Twitter not only to defend his comedian friend, but also to show how three prominent left-wing comedians had used similar language online — and had not been punished for it.

Cannon requoted old tweets from Amy Schumer (shown above right), Chelsea Handler (above left) and Sarah Silverman, all of whom used the highly offensive term “f**” in various tweets.

Cannon started by quote-tweeting one of Handler’s tweets from 2010 which read, “This is what a f** bird likes like when he flexes” and features a now broken URL to a photo.

To this, Cannon responded, “Interesting, I wonder if there was any backlash here …”

A minute later, he quote-tweeted a Sarah Silverman tweet from 2010, which said, “I don’t mean this in a hateful way but the new bachelorette’s a f*****.”

In response, Cannon wrote, “And I f***ing love Wreck it Ralph!!!” — that’s a reference to Silverman’s voicework for the character Vanellope in the 2012 Disney film.

Cannon finished making his point by sharing this 2012 tweet from Amy Schumer: “Enjoy skyfall f**s. I’m ’bout to get knee deep in Helen Hunt #thesessions.”

Cannon then quote-tweeted this one by saying, “I’m just saying … should we keep going???”

When one Twitter user tried telling Cannon that Hart’s words, no matter how old, should have consequences, Cannon disagreed.

He said, “Nope!! You know I’ve been saying f***ed up s*** since Twitter started! I don’t play that politically correct bulls***! F*** politics!! Only Truth!”

As of Monday morning, there had been no consequences for any of the three leftist female comedians.

None had lost any opportunities — as Hart did — nor had any of them apologized for their past words, as Hart has done more than once.

Silverman shared a Twitter thread from British writer Greg Hogben, in which he defended her, Handler and Schumer.

He also stood behind a swath of homophobic remarks that comedians have made about President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hogben defended the people making such remarks “because we knew these people were LGBT allies.”

Keep in mind: Hart even said in his 2010 comedy special “Seriously Funny” that he was not homophobic.

Even so, a joke he made in it about his not wanting his son to be gay was used as evidence against him by those calling for him to step down.

Twitter users noticed the double standard when they saw the lack of punishment or reaction to the tweets from the trio — unlike what happened to Hart.

A Twitter user named Samantha responded to Schumer’s tweet by writing, “I wonder how @KevinHart4real feels about this obvious double standard taking place. At least he’s funny.”

In a tweet that has received over 5,000 likes so far, a user named Charlie Atwood wrote back to Silverman’s tweet: “I’ll take things a conservative would be fired for saying for $500, Alex.”

A Twitter user named Samantha responded to Schumer’s tweet by writing, “I wonder how @KevinHart4real feels about this obvious double standard taking place. At least he’s funny.”

The tweet received some 250 likes as of this writing.

And former reality TV star Chet Cannon reacted by pulling up a tweet from this year, in which Handler accused Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) of being gay.

Cannon wrote, “So we’re clear, Chelsea Handler’s casual homophobia isn’t her past, it’s very much her present.”

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