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With Kavanaugh on High Court, Far-Left Group Releases Outrageous Pro-Abortion Ad

Let's 'break through the right-wing propaganda machine,' one org says

With the high court’s recent tilt to the Right, pro-choice activists are doubling down on their efforts to proselytize the merits of abortion.

In this vein, a far-Left advocacy group called The Agenda Project recently released an outrageous ad in support of Planned Parenthood.

“By focusing on the issues that best illustrate the fundamental differences between the two sides, we can break through the right-wing propaganda machine and lay bare the inadequacies of their viewpoint,” reads the group’s website.

“Our approach seeks to repeatedly strike the collective nerve of the body politic and in so doing, create a resonance which lives long after the initial messaging is complete,” the group also says.

“Our unique capacity can initiate a wholesale rejection of conservative principles and create an opening for the adoption of rational policies that encourage the decent, humane society that the overwhelming majority of Americans endorse.”

Note to Agenda Project: Murdering innocent children, inside or outside of the womb, is not a rational policy.

It is barbaric — the antithesis of humane.

Entitled “The Chosen,” the 40-second video opens with an image of a beautiful baby girl with big sparkly blue eyes, cooing at the camera, as lullaby music plays softly in the background.

A few seconds along, the following text flashes on the screen — the ad is both heinous and manipulative.

“She deserves to be loved.”

“She deserves to be wanted.”

“She deserves to be a choice.”

“That’s not love; it’s a form of narcissism that defines a person’s value solely by the pleasure others derive from him or her. It’s also a poisonous lie.”

Some are calling it the most tone deaf pro-abortion ad ever.

The ad “shows us not as a ‘clump of cells’ but a baby. It calls the baby ‘she,’ not ‘it’ or ‘that thing.’ It seems almost to go out of its way to highlight the beauty and lovability of the child. It presents human life — wondrous, miraculous life — and says, ‘Yes, it is good to kill this person,’” writes The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

“It’s beyond twisted to justify the option of killing children because every child should be wanted,” says Calvin Freiburger in LifeSiteNews.

“That’s not love; it’s a form of narcissism that defines a person’s value solely by the pleasure others derive from him or her. It’s also a poisonous lie.”

The Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn also said this last month in an opinion piece titled “Destroying Brett Kavanaugh”: “Even Roe [v. Wade’s] most ardent champions know it is devoid of legal and constitutional substance. So they know it is vulnerable to a closer look by any serious jurist, including those who are themselves pro-choice” — which means Americans can expect more of the same manipulation by abortion advocates in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Check out this video showing the controversial and disturbing ad below:

Elizabeth Economou is a former CNBC staff writer and adjunct professor.