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Trump Supporter James Woods Puts Politics Aside to Help Fellow Americans in the California Fires

Outspoken conservative has been using Twitter to assist others

Actor James Woods is currently giving the world a lesson about how celebrity status can be used to accomplish some real good for others.

With wildfires raging in California, Woods has for the last few days been using his massive Twitter following — 1.84 million, to be exact — to help connect loved ones and find missing persons.

The Academy Award-nominated actor’s followers have joined in the efforts; numerous people have been able to use the “#CampFireJamesWoods” hashtag to post pictures of missing family members and loved ones.

If they are lucky, someone will tweet that they’ve found or have seen the person in question.

Woods, who is an outspoken conservative and supporter of the president, is providing a ray of hope in a country that continues to be threatened with bad news and divisive encounters.

The actor’s recent efforts have been applauded, and rightly so, by people on both sides of the political aisle.

Donald Trump Jr. saluted Woods for his efforts, especially for the fact that he was at one point trying to help actress Alyssa Milano, an outspoken leftist.

Milano tweeted that she needed someone to help move her horses, as they were in danger. Woods retweeted Milano — and asked if anyone could help her.

“Why the hell would anyone want to help @Alyssa_Milano?” one user replied to Woods.

The actor responded by saying, “Because her animals are in danger and she needs help. @Alyssa_Milano #SoCalFiresJamesWoods.”

Donald Trump Jr. noticed the exchange and said, “Well said and well done @RealJamesWoods! We need to be able to set aside even deep political differences more often to do the right thing and be human. Great example for others to hopefully follow.”

Woods then tweeted back, “Thank you, sir. I genuinely hope we can carry this spirit beyond the terrible tragedy unfolding in California. @Alyssa_Milano and I are reaching out with all our fellow Californians today to help each other. Hopefully she and I together can nudge Congress to give it a try!”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham of “The Ingraham Angle” also saluted Woods’ efforts and his putting politics aside to help his neighbors.

“Thank you, @RealJamesWoods. We should always help our neighbors in these emergencies—who the heck cares about politics in such times?!” she tweeted.

She has since retweeted several of Woods’ public service announcements, including one from an animal shelter saying it’s been overwhelmed and needs people to adopt animals.

Leftist actor and comedian Patton Oswalt also thanked Woods for setting politics aside and helping in a crisis.

“Thank you @RealJamesWoods for your #SoCalFiresJamesWoods Tweets. We can fight about politics later. You probably saved a bunch of lives tonight — human AND animal. Thanks,” the “Happy” and “Agents of Shield” star tweeted on Friday night.

Milano eventually tweeted that her horses were safe from the fires.

“Horses are finally safe. My children are safe. My home is in jeopardy but … everything with a heartbeat is safe. Thank you all for your concern. To those who insisted on still being hurtful because our political affiliation is different, you are what is wrong with the country,” she said.

The safety of the horses is just one of the many success stories Woods has been involved with during this crisis.

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In the midst of his tweets, Woods took time to thank his followers and the community that seems to have formed around his hashtag and his efforts.

“To all my wonderful followers, I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts tonight connecting people with lost loved ones in the terrible #CampFire. Your thousands of retweets of invaluable information literally saved lives. God bless you all. #CampFire #CampFireJamesWoods,” he tweeted.

“If you need help with finding loved ones threatened by the California fires or with transportation or have any other needs due to the California wildfires, please use the hashtag #CampFireJamesWoods.”

For more on the California wildfires, check out the video below: