Let’s be honest: The Establishment is angry. They’re enraged, in fact.

The media, together with RINO Republicans and the whole pack of Democrats, are having a meltdown for one reason. Trump won. It’s not because he’s abrasive or because he is a prolific tweeter of every thought that comes to mind.

No, they are infuriated because Trump and his “deplorable” supporters disturbed their carefully crafted globalist plans for America.

That kind of anger will not be appeased. Nothing will satisfy and calm the beast, short of crucifying the president and all of his supporters outside the gates of the city, just as the Romans did to the Jews long ago.

They’re angry because their agenda to dilute American superiority and make this great nation a small, equal player in a global nation of citizens is being upturned. Everything had been moving along according to their nefarious plans until President Donald Trump and his minions insisted that we hearken back to our Constitution and brilliantly crafted Bill of Rights, thereby upending their quest for world domination and a global dictatorship.

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Put simply, Trump dared to build up the United States military and is using that power and might to abolish the Iran deal, thus creating an atmosphere of relative peace in that region of the world.

Trump removed us from involvement in the Paris Accords, which did nothing but destroy the U.S. economy and held it hostage to global forces. He shut down the international trade deals that were bleeding our economy dry. The president doubled down on the open borders nonsense touted by globalists, with its copious refugee and asylum loopholes.

The same goes for sanctuary city policies, which strip cities of their peace, replacing that with anarchy.

Oh, but there’s more. He put a leash on the Islamic agenda championed by the Muslim Brotherhood and dominions all over the world that had one goal in mind: to destroy religious institutions and abolish the Judeo-Christian foundation of America and the Western Hemisphere.

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Trump is on his way to put an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict, which has been exploited by Islamists and globalists for decades to demean America, destroy its moral conscience, and make us assume the false guilt dished out by the United Nations and touted on college campuses throughout the country.

President Trump, in just two short years, has wrested our great nation from the clutches of the global beast, and hence, a meltdown of cataclysmic proportions.

The beast will not rest until Trump, his administration, and his supporters throughout the country are destroyed. We — and I proudly count myself among the aforementioned — have been called deplorables, racists, bigots, idiots, misogynists, white supremacists, Islamophobes, and every other “phobe” out there.

But this is just the beginning. They have moved on to getting people fired from jobs, shutting down businesses, snuffing out independent media outlets, and cutting off all sources of funding for those who speak this truth.

Families are turned against one another. People feel compelled to speak in hushed tones if they are offering support for the president or his policies. And every church in America is following a strict unwritten rule to never, ever discuss politics for fear that one person might commit the unforgivable sin of voicing his or her opinion in support of the current administration.

In today’s America, freedom of speech is history.

And what is the uniting force, the unseen tie that binds the Bush family, the Clintons, the Obamas, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and the list goes on and on and on? The answer is much darker and more sinister than a general distaste for President Trump.

The tie that binds them mind, heart, and soul is none other than their anti-American, pro-socialist agenda, and a power-drunk sense of entitlement that they, and they alone, should be on the throne to govern America and the entire world.

The Muslim Brotherhood serves as a useful co-conspirator working toward this same goal, with the only difference being that Islam should be on the throne to govern the entire world.

How far our leaders have fallen from the character of our first commander-in-chief, President George Washington, who rejected the opportunity to be “king” on two separate occasions.

Our current leader, too, is fighting the power elites and we would be well-advised to come alongside our leader in wresting our great nation from the clutches of the globalist beast intent upon draining the lifeblood from our democratic republic.

I stand with the president. We must, at all cost, protect America, our sovereign nation.

Mark Christian, M.D., is the founder and executive director of the Global Faith Institute (globalfaith.org) and is an Egyptian émigré to the United States and a convert to Christianity. His father and uncle remain high-ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in his former home of Cairo.

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