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‘Murphy Brown’ Continues to Spread Anti-Trump Propaganda in Final Episodes

Latest program in the now-canceled series showed a journalist being badly beaten at a fictional rally for the president

“Murphy Brown” has been somewhat of a disaster since it returned to the airwaves this year.

The Candice Bergen-starring series originally ran from 1988 to 1998 and won a handful of awards for its 200-plus episodes.

Considering how reboot-obsessed Hollywood is these days, it did not come as much of a surprise when CBS announced they were reviving the once popular show for a 13 episode new season.

Following the character of Murphy Brown (Bergen, pictured above left) as she navigates the world of journalism in 2018, the new episodes of “Brown” ended up being little more than a leftist fantasy meant only to take shots at President Donald Trump and his administration.

Little can be said of the characters, drama or humor on the series because the scripts are so agenda-driven and message-heavy.

There was already an embarrassing cameo for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Then there was a scene where footage of Bergen was edited together with real footage of Sarah Huckabee Sanders at various White House press briefings.

The scene gave Brown a chance to call Sanders a “liar.”

The left-leaning bias isn’t a total shock, since actress Bergen admitted early on that Hillary Clinton’s losing the 2016 presidential election was one of the only reasons the show was revived.

The low viewership for this new version of “Brown” has shown that audiences really aren’t that interested in yet another anti-Trump series right now.

And that low viewership is what led to the recent announcement that “Murphy Brown” will likely be returning to the television graveyard for good.

However, this series still has a handful of episodes to burn through, so there’s plenty more anti-Trump propaganda waiting in the wings.

The most recent episode was titled “Beat the Press” — which is the 10th episode of the season — and showed an extremely exaggerated form of reality where a journalist is physically beaten at a fictional Trump rally by supporters of the president.

In the episode, an actor playing Trump is heard calling out the character of Brown saying she and her “flunky friends” are spreading “big fake stories” about him.

This fictional president then points out one of Murphy’s colleagues at his rally, Frank Fontana (played by Joe Regalbuto), and asks if he’s up for a body slam — likely a reference to the journalist who was body slammed at a rally for Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Montana).

Fontana is later seen in the hospital with bad bruises.

“I guess when you major in journalism these days, you have to minor in kickboxing,” Brown says when she sees her friend.

Fontana says he was beaten for simply leaving the press area and asking attendees questions.

“Next thing I know, I’m surrounded by a sea of red hats,” he said.

Melodramatic and agenda-driven writing like that is exactly why we won’t be seeing much more of “Murphy Brown” in the future.

Check out another one of the anti-Trump stunts on “Murphy Brown” below: