Late-Night Anti-Trump Roundup: Here’s Why Colbert Is Praying, and Other Jabs

Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and more are kicking their political rhetoric into high gear with just days left before the midterms

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Liberal late-night hosts are continuing to kick the anti-Trump political rhetoric into high gear as they gaze ahead to the midterms on November 6.

Stephen Colbert claimed on his show Thursday night that life is so bad under the presidency of Donald Trump, he finds himself praying every single day.

The “Late Show” host aired a clip showing the president saying that supporters have offered him prayers — and the comedian, of course, found a way to turn that into a negative.

“I think we’ve had tremendous support in the form of prayer, and I get it all the time, ‘I’m praying for you, Mr. President. I’m praying for you.’ I hear it so much, it’s nice,” Trump said in the clip.

Colbert responded, “I know I haven’t stopped praying since you were elected. Dear God, when will this end?”

It’s an odd thing to hear from a comedian who has so clearly reaped benefits from Trump’s presidency.

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Colbert’s late-night show ratings were lagging until he began spoon-feeding leftists — and making Trump and politics the driving force of his show.

He also has an entire animated series on Showtime, “Our Cartoon President,” which is dedicated to the current administration.

One would think if he’s praying, then Colbert would be thankful that this president came along and gave his career the jumpstart it clearly needed.

Colbert’s leftist rhetoric is tiring enough — but it’s unfortunately mostly echoed by every other late-night comedian currently on the air.

Seth Meyers preached to his audience about how Republicans are liars and would make sure people with preexisting conditions are not allowed to get health care should they have a big victory in the midterms.

“Republicans make stuff up because they can’t defend their actual record,” said Meyers. “For example, the GOP passed a health care bill in the house last year that would have stripped away protections for preexisting conditions and it was massively unpopular. So now that they’re running for reelection, they’re just lying about it.”

Jimmy Kimmel went after the president for a recent interview he did with ABC News — and suggested Trump has a problem with telling the truth.

“When he can, he tells the truth. He just can’t a lot. Same way I work out when I can,” said Kimmel.

“The only time Donald Trump isn’t lying is when he’s eating. Let’s be totally blunt about it and by the way, three minutes before he talked about telling the truth, he was telling lies about this caravan of nonwhite walkers coming up from Honduras.”

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah honed in on one specific upcoming governor’s race — and seemed to suggest that the president’s reason for recently campaigning in Florida is because he does not want a black governor in Andrew Gillum.

“Of all the 36 governors and the races going on now, chump Trump chose to come to Florida for a reason, right. The governor’s race here has one of the most progressive Democrats versus one of the most Trumpian Republicans [Ron DeSantis] of all times,” Noah said.

He continued, “And what’s major about this election is that the winner will get to approve new election districts, which will impact … the balance of power in Congress for a decade. And, also, Donald Trump lives in Mar-a-Lago, don’t forget that — so this is personal to him. If Andrew Gillum wins, then he gets a black governor.”

Check out Colbert’s recent “praying” comments below:

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