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‘Justice Kavanaugh Ascended to Supreme Court, but Threats’ to Christine Blasey Ford Continue

So say the lawyers for an accuser who lobbed damaging allegations against a good man

In September of this year, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a California psychologist, insisted to the Senate Judiciary Committee during her shocking testimony against then-Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, “My family and I have been the target of constant harassment and death threats.”

Apparently that harassment and those threats continue to come her way over a month later — and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her.

As a reader bluntly said on Facebook, “She should have thought about that before she lied.”

Her three lawyers — Debra Katz, Lisa Banks, and Michael Bromwich — told NPR in a statement, “Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh ascended to the Supreme Court, but the threats to Dr. Ford continue.” They also indicated she’s been “struggling” to get her life back on track.

“She has had to move four times, she wrote last month,” as NPR noted in a piece published early on Thursday, November 8.

“She has had to pay for a private security detail. She hasn’t been able to return to her job as a professor at Palo Alto University. A spokeswoman for the school did not respond to a question about whether there was a timeline for Ford to return,” the publication also said.

“Although the spotlight has receded, the danger has not, Ford’s lawyers say,” it added.

The attorneys also told the outlet that Ford’s focus is on “recovering” from her experiences of charging Kavanaugh with sexual abuse allegations — which he has vehemently and consistently denied.

Kavanaugh was confirmed to the high court on October 6. That confirmation was a clear victory for President Donald Trump and for other conservative politicians, lawmakers and leaders. (Justice Neil Gorsuch, also a Trump pick, joined the Supreme Court earlier in Trump’s presidency — he took the oath on April 10, 2017.)

But let’s shed some more light on what’s really going on here. Two GoFundMe accounts were set up on Christine Blasey Ford’s behalf by various people — and she apparently has almost-instant access to the hundreds of thousands of dollars amassed there for whatever purpose she deems appropriate.

“The costs for security, housing, transportation and other related expenses are much higher than we anticipated and they do not show signs of letting up,” Ford said in a recent statement posted on the GoFundMe page of the “Help Christine Blasey Ford” campaign — which is still bringing in donations, as a recent article in RealClearInvestigations pointed out.

“Funds received via this account will be used to help us pay for these mounting expenses.”

Back in late October, the same piece in RealClearInvestigations noted that Ford stood to “gain some $1 million and counting from national crowdfunding campaigns launched by friends and other supporters, while she [was also] said to be fielding book offers.”

And that’s not all.

Three key paragraphs from that piece reveal a few other things:

The Fords bought [a] beach home along with their Palo Alto home in 2007, after selling a historic bed and breakfast for more than $1.5 million. The Victorian-style B&B located near La Selva Beach, California, featured seven bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and tennis courts on 1.3 acres, and also served as their private residence.

Their main Palo Alto home has a current market value of $3.3 million, more than quadruple their purchase price. Their Santa Cruz beach house is worth another $1.03 million at today’s prices.

Real estate records show the Fords have mortgages on both their current homes. They also spent tens of thousands of dollars refurbishing the B&B and renovating their Palo Alto house, including adding a room with a second front door to rent out to tenants (Ford testified she added the door due to “claustrophobia” and other residual anxiety from the alleged Kavanaugh assault).

What the attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford don’t say in their statement is this. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chair of the judiciary committee, recently released a 414-page report that, among other things, summarized a statement from a man who believes he may have been involved in an encounter with Christine Blasey Ford around the time of her claim of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

Some of this emerged during the Supreme Court confirmation process — but the report provided more details.

Ford, of course, was a key witness against Kavanaugh.

In detail, she said Kavanaugh tried to remove her clothing during a high school party back in the 1980s, when she and Kavanaugh were both teenagers in the Washington, D.C, area, but had trouble because she was wearing a bathing suit underneath them.

She said she ran off when Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge jumped on top of them and they fell off the bed.

But the man who claims he may have had the encounter with Ford was one of 40 people committee investigators interviewed as part of its probe into the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh, which was done alongside the FBI background check.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), in releasing the report, said there “was no credible evidence to support the allegations against” Kavanaugh.

Ford testified she was 100 percent positive Kavanaugh assaulted her, rejecting the notion of a case of mistaken identity.

But the report gave details from the purported witness claiming exactly that scenario.

The man told investigators that when he was a 19-year-old college student, he had visited Washington over spring break and kissed a girl he believes was Kavanaugh’s accuser.

What about the pain and suffering Justice Kavanaugh and his family have had to endure as a result of Ford’s uncorroborated accusations?

“He said that the kiss happened in the bedroom of a house which was about a 15-to-20 minute walk from the Van Ness Metro, that Dr. Ford was wearing a swimsuit under her clothing, and that the kissing ended when a friend jumped on them as a joke,” the report said.

So while Ford may be suffering — and no one wishes any pain or suffering on anyone, no matter who they are — what about the pain and suffering Justice Kavanaugh and his family have had to endure as a result of Ford’s uncorroborated accusations?

What about the threats on their lives?

What about the hassles that they’ve had to experience?

What about the trauma done to Kavanaugh’s two young daughters by the charges against their father in such a public venue?

Things like that don’t disappear quickly, especially these days.

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