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James Woods Is Using Social Media to Help Wildfire Victims in California

Outspoken conservative and 'Vampires' star is showing other celebs exactly how they should be using their platforms

In an era in which Hollywood is loaded with partisan left-wingers who use their personal platforms to bash the president of the United States and his administration on a regular basis, it can be refreshing to see one celebrity use his platform for good.

That has been the case for actor James Woods this week.

Normally known for breaking with Hollywood as one of the industry’s most prominent supporters of President Donald Trump, Woods is taking a pause from politics for the moment — and focusing instead, in a completely selfless way, on the recovery efforts following the deadly California Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

Woods has been using his official Twitter account to help people in need.

He’s tweeting out information such as evacuation routes for Californians, information on people who are lost or missing, and contact information for people to use if they come across any of the missing persons.

He’s using the hashtag #CampFireJamesWoods so that others can follow what he’s been doing and help the cause.

Families of those who have lost people also used the hashtag and tweeted at Woods about their missing family members — sometimes along with their contact information so that others could get in touch if they heard or discovered anything.

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One user named DJ — who was retweeted by Woods — wrote, “This is a picture of my father, [who] is missing, along with his wife, Richard Wayne Wilson and Suzanne Wilson. He is in stage 4 cancer; she is mostly bedridden. I cannot reach him. Please tell me if he is seen anywhere. My previous tweet did not have a photo. #CampFireJamesWoods.”

Another person named Ginny Yttrup wrote, “Looking for my mother and her husband, Paul and Kathleen Temple, from Magalia. Assume they evacuated, but have heard nothing from them all day. They are not tech savvy. If you see them, please let me know. #CampFire #CampFireJamesWoods.”

The hashtag has also been used to report that people have been found safe — people such as Darlene Quinn, for example.

Plus, Linda Tambunan was able to use the platform to try to get those who have been found back in contact with their families.

“My father-in-law transported several people from Feather Canyon Retirement Residents in Paradise, CA. These two ladies have yet to make contact with relatives. They are safe in Durham. Please reach out to me if you know who these women are. #CampFire #Paradise @RealJamesWoods.”

Woods also thanked his followers for helping to spread the word across the country.

“To all my wonderful followers, I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts tonight connecting people with lost loved ones in the terrible #CampFire. Your thousands of retweets of invaluable information literally saved lives. God bless you all. #CampFire #CampFireJamesWoods,” he wrote.

On Friday morning, firefighters were reported to be struggling to cope with the fast-moving fire in Northern California — which has grown to 70,000 acres and destroyed at least 1,000 structures in Butte County, The Los Angeles Times reported.

“The fire was only 5 percent contained, Cal Fire said, and officials estimated thousands of other buildings were threatened by the blaze, which sent residents running for their lives,” the outlet also noted.

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