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Midterms 2018

Gingrich Slams Democrats for ‘Long Tradition of Stealing Elections’

The Florida recount travesty, in which supervisor Brenda Snipes is involved, has spurred no less than seven lawsuits so far

“The Department of Justice must move under the Voting Rights Act to do a full investigation of what happened, not only in Florida … but [on] what happened in Arizona,” said host Laura Ingraham on “The Laura Ingraham Show” on Wednesday morning.

She summarized the “bizarre scenario” that unfolded in Arizona, in which the governor was elected handily by double digits, yet at the 11th hour the Republican senatorial candidate, Martha McSally, lost by a razor-thin margin to one of the most left-wing senatorial candidates in the state’s history, Kyrsten Sinema.

Curiously, McSally — who lost amid the existence of emergency polling stations that only one party was aware of as well as bizarre attempts to “cure” ballots contrary to state law — appears unwilling to take Democrats to task on this highly suspicious “win.”

“Democrats will go to any lengths to win,” Ingraham charged.

Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House and former GOP lawmaker from Georgia, wholeheartedly supported Ingraham’s contention that Democrats must be held accountable for any illegal or unethical actions in which they appear to have engaged with respect to the midterm elections.

“In a close election, you want every vote counted that you can manufacture,” said Gingrich of the Democrats’ vote-counting strategy.

“And anybody who doesn’t want phony votes counted is either racist or anti-popular will,” he said.

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“[Democrats] literally don’t care what the law is,” Gingrich added. “The people in Broward County are breaking the law. It’s not that the law is wrong. It’s that it’s being broken.”

“This is not a new behavior,” said Gingrich, who noted that such practices go back to at least 1960, when he said President John F. Kennedy’s win was accomplished when Democrats stole the election in the states of Illinois and Texas.

“Republicans focus on campaigning; Democrats focus on elections,” Gingrich explained. “[Democrats] don’t care whether those votes are legal or they are illegal … What they care about is who wins,” he added.

“The people playing fair are going to get crushed,” he also predicted.

The former speaker of the House said his first introduction to Democrats’ “willingness to cheat and willingness to steal elections” came in 1984 during a close election in Indiana in which Democrats stopped a recount in a very narrow election as soon as their candidate secured a lead.

Ingraham emphasized that Republicans, regardless of the vote margin, must “document, expose, and if necessary prosecute” instances of voter manipulation and flouting of rules and laws, such as what has apparently occurred in Florida and Arizona during the 2018 midterms. And it must take place well in advance of the 2020 election.

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Gingrich encouraged the United States Department of Justice to get directly engaged, lest votes cast by illegal immigrants or votes cast on behalf of people who are deceased taint a federal election.

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“There is a long and deep tradition of stealing elections in the Democratic Party,” said Gingrich, citing a Pulitzer Prize-winning expose in Georgia in which more adults “voted” in one county than actually lived in the county.

As a case in point, Ingraham revealed that Martha McSally’s team told her over the weekend that “ballot collection” had taken place during Arizona’s election.

The practice, which is now outlawed in the state, involves traveling to places such as retirement homes to gather up unmailed ballots to have them counted.

Despite that, McSally conceded to Sinema on Twitter on Monday evening.

As of Wednesday morning, there were no less than seven lawsuits over Florida’s midterm election recount, Doug McKelway reported from the state’s capitol in Tallahassee on Wednesday morning on Fox News.

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