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For the Democrats, Star Power Only Goes So Far

Taylor Swift and others couldn't pull it off — the midterm results, much as they may be crowing right now, are not what those on the Left expected

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I tell my fellow conservatives all the time, for better or worse, that Barack Obama is a once-in-a-100-years type of politician.

There is no “next” Obama on the way, just as there is no “next” Kennedy, Reagan or even Trump. These historic figures aren’t just grown in an apple orchard. Of course the media is obsessed with these parallels, many of whom are still waiting for Lebron James to morph into Michael Jordan.

President Barack Obama and Hollywood executed a perfect liberal union over eight years, but that doesn’t mean it can be duplicated.

In 2018, does box office draw (or record sales) translate into success at the ballot box? The answer is no.

In almost all the big-ticket races Hollywood hoped to influence — especially the senate races in Texas and Tennessee and the gubernatorial contest in Georgia and Florida — things went right rather than left.

Taylor Swift’s handpicked choice — former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen — lost to Marsha Blackburn.

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Apparently, Tennesseans didn’t want to vote for Bredesen — who wasn’t swept back into office by a wave of colored-bracelet-wearing Millennials. Will they be able to “shake it off”?

Earlier in the year, Swift condescendingly urged voters to “educate themselves” and said that Blackburn’s”voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.” But it didn’t appall or terrify her fellow Tennesseans, most of whom rejected the political counsel of the 28-year-old singer by a a devastating repudiation of them both.

For this dubious achievement, Swift received the Biggest Loser award from my old boss, radio and TV star Laura Ingraham.

Along with Oprah Winfrey — and former President Barack Obama — both of whom also poured the proverbial coals to the losing campaigns of what were supposed to have been Democratic shoe-ins.

Oprah, a resident of Atlanta, strongly backed Stacey Abrams against Republican challenger Brian Kemp in the Georgia gubernatorial race. But Oprah’s personal appeal didn’t translate into political success for Abrams, who lost what was supposed to have been a sure thing.

The conventional wisdom, as purveyed by the amen chorus in the media, held that Georgia was about to turn blue.

Instead, it went red — and while the decision was close it was nonetheless an impressive victory for Kemp given the weight arrayed against him.

A fuming post-election Oprah attributed “racist robo-calls” as among the reasons for Abram’s loss. But arguably, the Titanic hit the iceberg because of Abrams’ far-Left politics. Just a few weeks before the election, she openly talked about gun confiscation — and had previously pushed legislation HB 731 that would have transformed tens of thousands of law-abiding Georgians into instant felons and put the Georgia Bureau of Investigation onto them.

Most semi-automatic handguns and even shotguns would have been outlawed by Abrams’ bill — and their owners faced with the choice of either turning them in or risking SWAT raids on their homes.

That scared voters even more than being accused by Oprah of politically incorrect thought.

Speaking of Chosen Ones, Obama barnstormed for Democrats during the final weeks prior to the midterms, breaking with “wise tradition” of “ex-presidents gracefully exiting the political stage and making room for new voices and new ideas.”

Obama’s pitchmanship didn’t help Abrams in Georgia or Gillum in Florida.

Andrew Gillum, Obama’s pick for Florida governor, also lost to Republican Ron DeSantis. It sucked now-ex Sen. Claire McCaskill out to sea in favor of GOP challenger Josh Hawley, who defeated her soundly by 51.5 percent to 45.5 percent.

McCaskill probably committed political suicide by voting not to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court — apparently on the basis of Christine Blasey Ford’s fact-free assertions about Kavanaugh.

“I made my decision on Kavanaugh before the allegations surfaced,” she said, but it was subsequently revealed that she had known about them when she made that statement, but misrepresented the facts to voters during an October 25 debate with Hawley.

Another key race where star power was applied without effect was the critical race in Texas between incumbent GOP Senator Ted Cruz and the rising star of the progressive Left, Democratic Rep. Beto (Francis) O’Rourke.

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Cruz won a convincing victory — 50.9 percent to 48.3 percent for Beto (with about 1 percent going to a Libertarian third party candidate) — much to the disappointment of Hollywood leftists such as Alyssa Milano, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Rock.

Some of these lent more than their names, and public megaphones, to the lost cause. Despite it all, Cruz preserved a victory over the Democrats’ (and Hollywood’s) anointed alternative.

Looks like star power only goes so far. Abrams, Gillum and Beto all lost, so the future for the Democratic Party is yet to arrive.

Until then, they will have to settle for fresh faces — like Biden, Pelosi and Schumer.

A.J. Rice is the CEO of Publius PR. In his media career he has produced or promoted Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Monica Crowley, Steve Hilton, Anthony Scaramucci, George P. Bush, Melissa Francis, Coach Howard Schnellenberger, and many others.

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