When Florida election supervisors fail to clean out their voter rolls and don’t comply with state laws, it “creates an opportunity for fraud” and raises “serious red flags,” constitutional scholar and attorney John Eastman warned Monday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

Broward County and Palm Beach County became embroiled in controversy in the days following last Tuesday’s midterm elections when GOP candidates’ comfortable election evening leads over their candidates in the other party sank enough over the next several days as enough Democrat-leaning ballots kept pouring in to trigger recounts.

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Outgoing Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis (R) still hold slim margins of victory over incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D) and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D), respectively.

Scott (pictured above left) filed two lawsuits against the two Democrat-majority counties as they continued to count an unknown number of ballots past the state-mandated deadlines.

Eastman, one of the lawyers who is suing Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipe, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Republicans like President Donald Trump and Scott are not “exaggerating” when they accuse Democrats of trying to “steal” those elections.

“I’m one of the lawyers suing Brenda Snipes right now,” said Eastman, a Chapman University School of Law professor.

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“What we’ve found is they don’t clean their voter rolls for illegal citizens. They don’t clean them for felons. They don’t clean them for people who die out of state. They do check for people who die in state. But guess what? A lot of Floridians had two residences,” he added.

“And you know, it’s just unconscionable that they’re not cleaning those rolls,” Eastman also said. “The reason that’s so significant is that it creates an opportunity for fraud. And when they’ve uncovered 80,000 ballots after election night … because they wanted to narrow the race, you know, you just gotta raise some real serious red flags.”

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Lawyer Miguel De Grandy, who served in Florida’s House of Representatives and was the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee there, told Ingraham that officials like Snipes “sow doubts in the electorate as to the integrity of the election.” That occurs when they “do things behind closed doors,” don’t “report periodically as you’re supposed to,” and “deny access to people to witness an election process,” as the law requires.

“We know that 22 illegal votes were mixed with votes that were valid votes … We know that at least one non-citizen voted,” De Grandy said. “When those irregularities occur when there is no public viewing of the process, it does create questions.”

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Eastman said, “The reason we keep adding new counts is because they’re accepting absentee ballots that come in after the legal deadline.”

“That’s a violation of Florida law,” he warned.

After the recount is completed, De Grandy predicted it won’t “make a difference” in the elections’ outcomes, saying that Scott and DeSantis will prevail.

Broward County lawyer Shari McCartney also told Ingraham she was “convinced that once this is done, the result that we had [last] Tuesday night will stand.”

Florida state Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto (R), the rules chair of the Florida Senate, told Ingraham that DeSantis, as governor, “will work with the legislature to make sure that we undertake all necessary and appropriate updates and changes to the electoral laws and make sure that we have a system in place that instills confidence in the residents of the state of Florida.”

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