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Final Urgent Message to Americans from RNC Chair: ‘You’ve Got to Vote’

Ronna McDaniel says retaining majorities in House, Senate is feasible only if Republicans aren't 'complacent'

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Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel urged GOP voters on Monday morning to reject feeling “comfortable or relaxed” — and to embrace the “urgency” required to get out and vote Tuesday during the midterm elections. That would cement Republican majorities in Congress and continue “all the good things that are happening” across the nation.

“A lot of these races are within the margin of error, so Election Day turnout will be the difference maker as to whether we keep the House and expand our majority in the Senate — bottom line,” McDaniel (pictured above) said on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

“You’ve got to go vote. I don’t want anybody to feel comfortable or relaxed. Everyone needs to feel that urgency,” McDaniel added.

Republicans are in a prime position to retain their majority in the Senate while potentially picking up a few seats, according to most polls and predictions.

But keeping the House is an uphill battle, as it is widely expected to fall to Democrats, though nothing is certain with key races still in dead heats.

“I think we keep the majority in the House and Senate if our voters get out and vote,” McDaniel replied when host Stuart Varney asked for her final Election Day prediction.

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Pointing to “the good economic news” and noting that “wages are up, jobs are coming back to this country” and “results after results after results on the economy” are pouring in, McDaniel insisted that keeping both the House and the Senate is not out of reach for the GOP.

“Voters have to get out to vote and say, ‘We do not want to halt this comeback that the United States of America is feeling.’ So if we have a good Election Day turnout, we win,” McDaniel said.

When Varney asked her why so many key congressional races are “neck and neck,” McDaniel replied, “Because Democrats are angry and they’ve been energized since 2016 when they thought Hillary Clinton was going to walk into the White House.”

“So they’ve been angry, they’ve been running on that. That fuels their energy … It’s taken us awhile to get voters to that same energy level,” McDaniel admitted.

“The president being on the campaign trail helps.”

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“But there is a huge contrast, which is, do you want results? Do you want to see this continued growth for our country economically — all the good things that are happening? Or do you want resistance?” McDaniel emphasized.

“And Democrats right now are doubling down on ‘resist and obstruct and how do we stop this president.’ And they are not acknowledging all the good things that are happening for American people.”

“So voters have to get out and vote for a good economy. Usually people are complacent when they feel good,” McDaniel warned.

But keeping both the House and Senate is entirely feasible “if our voters get out and vote,” McDaniel insisted.

McDaniel also took to Twitter on Monday to tell Americans, “A vote for any Democrat tomorrow is a vote for [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). Higher taxes, open borders, and government-run health care are all on the ballot. @realDonaldTrump and Republicans are making great progress – vote to keep it going!”

And check out this video:

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