Speaking Thursday morning on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Harvard Law school professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz was blunt about CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill’s remarks in a speech at the U.N. on Wednesday, in which Hill essentially called for Israel’s elimination as a sovereign entity.

“[He] is an absolute bigot, anti-Semite, un-American, anti-American. He’s just a despicable human being who has now gone beyond the point of acceptability for any network in the United States,” said Dershowitz (shown above left).

Dershowitz, a Jewish man, has debated Hill (above right) previously on CNN.

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On Thursday afternoon, CNN severed ties with Hill following his reprehensible remarks, according to Mediaite.

“He [Hill] has advocated the killing of Jews. He has advocated violence,” said Dershowitz early on Thursday, before the news broke about the firing.

The banking system is on shaky ground, but Chuck Norris has a plan to protect your wealth ...

“He has said it is OK for Palestinians to blow up pizza parlors, to blow up buses, to kill mothers and children, and he has also said that the only nation-state of the Jewish people should no longer be allowed to survive.”

“There’s no way that he should be allowed to be a commentator on any kind of network,” Dershowitz also declared, calling Hill “the David Duke of the hard-Left on anti-Israel groups.”

“The greatest dangers of anti-Semitism today, because they involve the future, are what’s going on on college campuses from the hard, hard, hard-Left,” Dershowitz said.

“[Hill] should be the poster child for increasing anti-Semitism among college and university students and violence against Jewish students.” Dershowitz added that he personally needs armed guards to protect himself when he visits college campuses.

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“He’s advocating violence against people like me and like you and against other people who believe in Israel’s right to exist and thrive as the nation-state of the Jewish people,” he said to Ingraham.

Hill was listed earlier as a political commentator on the network’s site.

Dershowitz also commented Thursday morning on Michael Cohen’s surprise appearance in a federal courtroom in Manhattan, during which Trump’s former attorney pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress concerning the Russia probe.

“I think first, it shows that Mueller has found almost no crimes that existed before he was appointed special counsel, which was his job,” said Dershowitz.

Today’s plea involves the time frame during which Cohen discussed a plan to build a Trump tower in Moscow — as well as discussions about travel.

Cohen had indicated to the Senate Intelligence Committee that discussions about the Moscow project ended in January of 2016, when they actually ended prior to the Iowa caucuses in June of 2016 — and that he either “contemplated travel or spoke to ‘Individual 1’ regarding travel,” when he said he hadn’t, Fox News noted.

“Individual 1” refers to President Donald Trump.

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“Many of the crimes [Mueller] has indicted people for are crimes that he and his legal team created, namely, false statement crimes, crimes that were the result of perjury traps,” Dershowitz added to Ingraham.

Cohen, President Trump’s previous “fixer,” pleaded guilty to campaign finance and tax evasion violations in August.

The campaign finance charges were related to hush-money payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

In response to the news of Cohen’s most recent plea, Trump called Cohen “weak person” on Thursday morning and suggested Cohen was lying in an effort to get a reduced sentence.

The president, who also just canceled a meeting with Russia’s Vladamir Putin to take place in Argentina, insisted that there is nothing inappropriate about continuing to do business while running for president — including discussions about building a Trump tower in Russia.

The president has been outspoken in his opposition to the special counsel’s investigation, repeatedly calling it a “witch hunt.”

On Thursday morning, in a two-tweet series, President Trump said, “Did you ever see an investigation more in search of a crime? At the same time Mueller and the Angry Democrats aren’t even looking at the atrocious, and perhaps subversive, crimes that were committed by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. A total disgrace!”

“When will this illegal Joseph McCarthy style Witch Hunt, one that has shattered so many innocent lives, ever end-or will it just go on forever? After wasting more than $40,000,000 (is that possible?), it has proven only one thing-there was NO Collusion with Russia. So Ridiculous!”

“As a result of a special counsel, more crimes are committed,” said Dershowitz on the dangers of special counsel investigations generally.

“The witnesses seem to be getting weaker and weaker by the day, because he is using witnesses that are admitting that they have lied,” Dershowitz also said, referencing Paul Manafort as a particularly dramatic example.

Dershowitz predicted that the special counsel’s report may well be delayed based on Cohen’s plea today, because “[Cohen] is probably being used to fill some gaps Manafort left open and others.”

“It shows that Mueller has found almost no crimes that existed before he was appointed special counsel, which was his job,” said Dershowitz.

“To me, this doesn’t show the strength of the special prosecutor. It shows in many ways the weakness and the vice of having special prosecutors who end up indicting people for unrelated financial crimes and lying. Those are not what he was appointed to investigate,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz expressed more concern over United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein than President Trump’s newly appointed acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, whose appointment has been the target of Democrats’ ire since its announcement.

“Rod Rosenstein clearly is conflicted … he’s the guy who told the president it’s OK to fire Comey. How he can be supervising an investigation that includes his own conduct, I’ve never ever understood,” said Dershowitz, adding that Whitaker will be charged with the decision about if, when, and how much of the Mueller report to release.

Check out this clip from Hill’s reprehensible U.N. remarks on Wednesday:

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Michele Blood is a Flemington, New Jersey-based freelance writer and regular contributor to LifeZette.