Anti-Trumper Alec Baldwin Gets Some Very Bad News After Arrest

The 'Saturday Night Live' star has been having a rough few weeks — and the negative outcomes for him are continuing

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Outspoken Donald Trump critic Alec Baldwin has been having a rough few weeks.

His new ABC talk show debuted to some pretty unimpressive numbers.

He was arrested after a scuffle in Manhattan over a parking spot.

Two female reporters have come forward to tell some pretty unsavory tales about Baldwin’s alleged trouble with anger.

Baldwin has some more new bad news to add to the pile, with ABC now announcing that “The Alec Baldwin Show” is moving from Sunday night to Saturday night.

Moving to a Saturday night on a basic cable channel is usually the first sign that a show is done.

The night is a graveyard for original programming.

To make matters worse, the schedule change was announced in the midst of election night, with midterms results rolling in as the change was shared. This likely means ABC was trying as hard as it could to bury the bad news and its relationship with the actor.

The truth is that Baldwin has always been a controversial figure. Before he ever appeared as President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” he was known more for inspiring headlines for his bad behavior than for his acting work.

He was arrested in New York City in 2014 after becoming “belligerent” with a police officer when he was told he was riding a bicycle in the wrong direction.

He was kicked off a plane in 2011 for refusing to cease playing “Words with Friends” on his phone.

In addition to these instances, he has had several run-ins with photographers and has been accused of assault and using homophobic slurs against them — which he has denied.

All of this was given the cold shoulder by a mainstream media desperate to accept Baldwin and give him face time because of his over-the-top impression of Trump on “Saturday Night Live.”

It seems the gravy train may be over for Baldwin as he’s now being seen for the angry, controversial public figure many believed him to be before he was ever embraced by “Saturday Night Live.”

Speaking of “SNL,” the show also took a dig at Baldwin during its last episode, which means he may be in hot water with the very series that arguably saved his career and made him relevant again.

The big tell about Baldwin’s professional future now will be whether “SNL” decides to invite him back on to do his Trump impression. There’s always the chance it goes and finds someone else …

For more on Alec Baldwin’s ABC talk show, check out the video below:

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