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Michael Moore Says Tom Hanks and Michelle Obama Can Beat Trump in 2020

Intense and constant celebrity support did Hillary Clinton no good in the 2016 presidential election, yet filmmaker Michael Moore thinks celebrity is exactly what the Democratic Party should lean in on in the next election.

“Democrats need to run a beloved American, someone people want to vote for,” the filmmaker recently told Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain.”

“I’ve said for years that Oprah [Winfrey] should run. I’ve asked Tom Hanks twice to run.”

He continued, “Who doesn’t like Tom Hanks? Nobody, right? Tom Hanks would win. I said, ‘You’re the only one that can save us.’ Maybe Michelle Obama. Everyone loves Michelle Obama.”

Moore, whose anti-Trump film “Fahrenheit 11/9” recently flopped at the box office [1], has encouraged the Democratic Party to get major celebrities to run for president before.

In an appearance on “The View” last year, Moore said Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey or Al Franken could defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

“The celebrities on our side, first of all, are smart,” he insisted. “If we ran Al Franken, run Tom Hanks … Who wouldn’t vote for Tom Hanks for president of the United States? Come on. Oprah!”

Michael Moore is a prime example of how out of touch many leftists are these days. Many voters turned to Donald Trump in 2016 because they rejected the status quo in Washington. They didn’t want Beyoncé [2] or LeBron James, or Amy Schumer to tell them how to vote.

After all, major celebrities gave Barack Obama a huge push when he was running for president, and many middle-class Americans suffered under that presidency.

Voters rejected the idea of established celebrities and established politicians telling them what was best for them in 2016.

Moore doesn’t get this — but that should not come as a surprise. The filmmaker is not exactly plugged into the pulse of the American people as he once was.

He’s gone from creating hit films like “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Bowling for Columbine” to staging multiple anti-Trump projects, all of which have flopped.

He’s a hard filmmaker to trust. Many of his editing tactics have come into question [3]you can find a troubling list here [4] — and his refusal to criticize Obama for the same things for which he criticized George Bush show he’s a partisan man who cares more about party and his status within that party than any sort of philosophical or political ideology.

Check out Michael Moore’s recent appearance on “Good Morning Britain” below: