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Melania Trump Has Perfect Response to ‘Ellen Show’ Producer Bully

Andy Lassner, executive producer of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” recently made waves for a ridiculous tweet in which he said he was more afraid of another Melania Trump than a caravan of illegal immigrants.

“I’m way more afraid of another Melania getting in to this country than I am of any caravan of human beings seeking asylum,” Lassner (shown far right) tweeted on Monday.

Mrs. Trump’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, responded perfectly on Twitter by inviting Lassner to an event the first lady is hosting that will teach the value of kindness to children.

“Hi @andylassner @flotus is hosting children at the White House today to talk to them about kindness … should I save you a seat?” she said.

Lassner showed just how immature he was by responding to the tweet not with self-reflection, but with more snarky comments.

“Yes!! Will she be talking about how she pushed her husband’s theory that our first black president was born in Kenya? What about her ‘I don’t care, do you jacket’ worn while babies were being ripped away from parents at the border? What time should I arrive? Is it dressy?” he responded.

Lassner has a disturbing history of bullying Melania Trump on social media.

“How happy are you tonight to not share a bedroom with him, @FLOTUS?” he tweeted in April.

“Hope you feel better, @FLOTUS. Get some rest, heal up and then take your kid and run as far as you can,” he also tweeted in May.

The producer, who has won 18 Daytime Emmy Awards, also said in June, “Maybe it was better when we didn’t know where Melania was.”

More recently, he mocked the first lady’s clothes.

“I know it’s immature and catty af [short for ‘as f***’], but I just can’t stop laughing at this ridiculous getup. I’m sorry,” he tweeted, referring to an outfit Melania Trump wore during a visit to Egypt.

Melania Trump recently referred to herself in an interview as one of the most bullied people in the world [13], and people like Lassner seem to be making it their goal to prove her right every single day.

Because he disagrees with her husband, Melania Trump is suddenly fair game — and any and all insults are just fine in his book. Would he be OK with a Fox producer mocking the way Michelle Obama dresses or mocking an event she runs that’s meant to stop bullying among children?

For more on the relationship between the Trumps and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” check out the video below, in which host Ellen reveals whether she’d want President Donald Trump to appear on her show: