Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Trump for Pushing ‘Just Another Lie’

Late-night liberal targeted the president over an op-ed about health care and covering people with pre-existing conditions

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Host Jimmy Kimmel is once again not happy with President Donald Trump — surprise, surprise.

The leftist comedian targeted the president on his show Wednesday night for writing an op-ed in USA Today, in which Trump touched on health care and mentioned that those with pre-existing conditions could still get coverage through the law.

Trump called that last part a promise he had kept to the American people.

The 50-year-old Kimmel said the op-ed “really makes me mad.”

The comedian was mainly upset over the president’s “truly, outrageously claiming that he kept a promise to protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.”

“No, you didn’t keep that promise,” Kimmel continued. “That promise was forced on you because John McCain gave you the finger and so you weren’t able to not keep that promise. That’s not keeping a promise.”

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He added, “This is like claiming you saved people from drowning after you put a hole in the side of the ship. It’s just a lie. It’s another lie.”

Kimmel acknowledged that many health care premiums had gone down, but he waved off Trump’s words as just part of the Republican strategy to win the midterm elections this year.

“They’re putting all of their eggs in daddy Donald’s basket,” Kimmel said of the Republicans currently running for public office.

Kimmel’s argument is strange. He called Trump a liar — but never really said what the lie is. The only real criticism he has is over the president’s motivation, but why would that matter if something good came out of the whole thing?

Kimmel exemplifies what’s wrong with a lot of modern leftist arguments. They are not based on fact and logic, but instead on emotion. Leftists like Kimmel target style instead of substance, and this is a strategy American voters seem to be rejecting more and more — and will likely reject in the upcoming elections, too.

The only thing Kimmel is proving again and again by getting so aggressively unfunny and political on his late-night program is that the world sure could use Johnny Carson right about now.

If modern late-night comedians like Kimmel want to win back some of their fleeing conservative and right-leaning viewers and appeal to a wider audience within the country, they should pick up some old tapes of the unifying and always sharp Carson — and take some serious notes.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Wednesday night segment, below, in which he calls Trump a liar:

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