Good News in Ohio: Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses Now for Sale

This is also welcome information for conservation efforts — many of these fees help to fund them, after all

Multiyear and lifetime hunting and fishing licenses are now available in the state of Ohio — welcome news for hunters and anglers for sure.

Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources said the sale of the licenses to state residents began Tuesday, and three-, five-, and 10-year, along with lifetime licenses, are available.

This is good news for hunters and anglers, and assuredly a smart move by the state to encourage wildlife-related sports; a 2016 survey by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows that today only about 5 percent of Americans 16 years old and older actually hunt.

“That’s half of what it was 50 years ago, and the decline is expected to accelerate over the next decade,” noted NPR.

Other outdoor activities such as bird-watching, hiking, and wildlife photography are rapidly growing in popularity, however.

“The shift is being welcomed by some who morally oppose the sport,” noted NPR, but it’s also leading to a “crisis.”

The country’s wildlife conservation system — and also individual state wildlife efforts — are heavily dependent on sportsmen and women for funding.

License fees and excise taxes on guns, ammunition, and angling equipment provide about 60 percent of the funding for state wildlife agencies, and they “manage most of the wildlife in the U.S,” noted NPR.

Many animal activists would like to see an end to hunting altogether.

“This unnecessary, violent form of ‘entertainment’ rips animal families apart and leaves countless animals orphaned or badly injured when hunters miss their targets,” says People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Several months ago President Trump’s eldest son, Don Trump Jr., posted a photo of his six-year-old son, Tristan, playing with a bow and arrow — which garnered many comments about child safety.

Unfazed, Trump Jr. followed that up with a snapshot of his son, nine-year-old Donnie, holding a double-barreled shotgun.

According to Trump Jr., the photo was taken during a duck-hunting trip last season when he and the “best hunting buddy out there” were in Texas.

He also urged parents to take their own children hunting, writing, “Get them outdoors early and often.”

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While many may push back on hunting, they might want to consider who would fund conservation efforts without the activity, and at the very least acknowledge that American families have gone hunting together for generations.

In Ohio, all single-year and multiyear licenses can be purchased online at and at participating agents; an Ohio driver’s license or other valid state identification must be associated with the customer’s account.

Fees are also scaled to age; senior citizens can get a reduced fee on any of the offered licenses.

“In other changes, apprentice hunters who have not yet completed hunter education will no longer be limited to purchasing only three apprentice hunting or apprentice fur taker permits,” noted the state’s wildlife website.

“Apprentice hunters can continue to purchase an apprentice license each year until they successfully complete hunter education.”

Many were happy about the lifetime hunting and angling licenses.

See more in the video below.