‘Desperate’ Democrats Pushing Away Voters, Newt Says

Former House speaker says unhinged reaction to Kavanaugh confirmation reflects 'genuine cultural civil war'

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Proliferating expressions of incivility among Democratic leaders are signs that Republicans are winning and liberals are panicking, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Thursday.

Gingrich, who famously led Republicans out of the wilderness and into congressional majorities of both houses in the 1994 elections, said on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Thursday morning that the opposition party has become unhinged.

“You have a Democratic Party which is desperate, enraged, and out of control emotionally,” said Gingrich (pictured above). “And I think it’s gonna get worse.”

Evidence is everywhere. Throngs of demonstrators have shouted at officials of President Donald Trump’s administration in restaurants and other public places. Democratic members of Congress have urged people to get in the faces of Republicans.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this week said in a television interview that civility toward Republicans is not possible until Democrats return to power.

And former Attorney General Eric Holder offered the latest example Wednesday, telling a gathering at an event for Georgia’s Democratic candidate for governor that the party must fight. “When they go low, we kick ’em,” he said, turning former first lady Michelle Obama’s famous formulation (“When they go low, we go high”) on its head.

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But Gingrich said polls taken in the wake of the brutal confirmation battle of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh indicate that the American people are recoiling at a scorched-earth mentality of winning at any cost.

“They triggered a reaction in the country which is showing up in North Dakota, where the Democratic senator is down by 12 or 14 points,” he said. “It’s showing up in Texas, where [Sen.] Ted Cruz now has a decisive lead. It’s showing up in Arizona, where we again have a decisive lead for the Republican nominee.”

Gingrich said Clinton is “basically right” about the division in America. After a period of normalcy that followed the ultra-contentious 1960s and early 1970s, the country is experiencing a “genuine cultural civil war,” Gingrich said.

The reaction of leftists is understandable, Gingrich said. Trump represents an end of their world. Nothing illustrates that more clearly than the Kavanaugh fight, he added.

“That has become just an enormously bitter blow for people who thought up until election night 2016, they were certain Hillary Clinton would win,” he said.

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Over the next month until the midterm elections, Gingrich said, Republicans need to “draw the distinction between results and resistance.”

It is no secret what is the main factor driving angst on the Left, Gingrich said. It’s the president, he said.

“Whatever Donald Trump does, he’s gonna be attacked,” he said. “These people don’t like him … And it makes them, frankly, a little bit nutty.”

Watch Gingrich discuss similar issues on Fox News.

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