Boaters Called 911 from the Ocean for the Craziest Reason Yet

Instead of marveling at a miracle, a group on the Pacific Ocean somehow merged 'emergency' with 'nature'

Ever been in a dramatic situation and wondered if it was serious enough to dial 911 and get first responders involved?

One boating party has now given new meaning to the word “emergency.” The group was floating in a craft on the Pacific Ocean when they saw some whales doing — well, what whales do — rolling lazily, swimming around the boat, and floating in the water, which is, after all, their home.

Instead of marveling at the miracle they were experiencing — getting that close to giant sea mammals that many only hope to see on chartered whale watches — they freaked out and called the police, as Woke Sloth and others are reporting.

One person on the boat can be heard hyperventilating while another can be heard yelling, “Don’t start the motor!”

In the video of the whole escapade, which has gone viral on Twitter (see the video in the tweet below), one female can be heard saying that the whales will “flip the boat over.”

A male voice is heard encouraging everyone to “calm down,” and he seems to be loving the rare opportunity to be so close to the giant whales — which were busy acting more like teddy bears than predators.

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“Relax, he’s checking us out!” the male says, followed by, “Look at this, guys, you’ll never see this again!”

Someone can then be heard talking to an emergency dispatcher.

“I’m out in Puget Sound, and there’s three gray whales right underneath our boat,” the person says tearfully. “I’m afraid we might get flipped over — I’m really scared.”

After a few cries of “Drive away, Dad!” from the members of the daring, sea-faring adventurers, the whales are left behind as the boat motors off.

Dialing 911 is not something one does lightly, of course — but mistakes do sometimes happen; panicking is a part of human nature.

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One 911 dispatcher shared her 10 worst 911 calls in an article on Bored Panda.

Here are three of those calls:

“Had another woman call saying her cat was stuck in a tree,” she wrote. “I just knew she wanted the fire department to come save the cat, so I got my ‘that’s only in movies/TV’ speech ready. Then she said, “So my husband climbed up to get the cat, and now he’s stuck, too.”

Another call went like this: “One woman called because she thought her house was being shot at. Turns out she forgot about her eggs boiling on the stove and they exploded. I wanted to give her a hug, though; she was just a little old lady.”

And another memorable call: “A woman dialed 999 to say there were men in her house trying to take her away. The men in question were police officers who had come to arrest her.”

See a whale up close in the video below.

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