Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon, positioned themselves in the middle of downtown traffic on Saturday — and started forcing drivers to follow their directions.

They cursed at the drivers and even chased down one elderly driver who didn’t listen to them (see the tweet directly below).

“Get out of here!” Antifa members shrieked, crowding the man and hitting his car with what looked to be a metal stick or baton.

“This is the type of street anarchy that routinely happens where I live,” wrote the Twitter poster, who questioned the mayor’s authority.

“Here is video from 6 Oct showing Antifa directing traffic in downtown & threatening people who don’t obey with violence. Mayor @tedwheeler, who really runs this town?”

As the man who shot the video of the protesters noted, the protesters were demonstrating as part of a vigil for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by Portland police on September 30.

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“More than 100 marched through downtown Portland on Saturday to protest the death of Patrick Kimmons,” reported The Oregonian. “[He] was fatally shot by police officers last Sunday.”

The group, which is said to have included members of the Kimmons family, gathered near a memorial supporters set up near Southwest 4th Avenue and Harvey Milk Street, at the same parking lot where the shooting occurred.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

They marched to the downtown Justice Center, where speakers, including Kimmons family members, demanded police accountability in the shooting.

“We’re not here to riot. We’re here for justice,” said Charles Kimmons, as The Oregonian reported.

“We need to fight this all the way to the end. These cops need to be locked up.”

Complete control of the city’s streets and the ugly harassment of an innocent older driver is closer to the truth.

Portland’s police chief called out the group Antifa recently for its violent ways.

“I personally saw — whether they were fireworks, M-80s, explosives — I saw those being set off by the ‘anti-racist’ groups,” Chief Danielle Outlaw told OPB of a dangerous Antifa rally on August 4. “The projectiles — pieces of cement that are large as grapefruit, pieces of brick, broken glass bottles — all of that was not coming from the Patriot Prayer side at that time.”

At a press event after the rally, she also noted about her department’s supposed bias, “I think it’s ridiculous for any one person to think that I would favor someone who is supposedly associated — or would allow white supremacists to be a part of their group — it’s just ridiculous for me to favor anyone that intentionally comes to bring physical harm.”

“Where’s the accountability for people that come with the intent to harm, destroy, and to tear things up, and to actually come and physically fight other people?” she countered. “And then we are called to break it up, and say, ‘We don’t want anything to happen.’ If one side gets the shorter end of the stick for whatever reason, then we’re accused of not protecting one side or the other.”

See the Portland police chief speak in the video below.